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Hi! I'm Leticia Ringe and welcome to my website!

I'm here to help you create a life that you love, enjoy & inspired by. A life that is truly beautiful to you!

Pleased to meet you. 

I help PEOPLE align with their purpose, embrace their feminine essence & create a life that is beautiful to them. 

Before my work as a Beautiful You Life Coach, trained Theta Healer, Writer, Host of the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast & Create a Life that is Beautiful TV I worked in the corporate world for 10 years before I discovered my real passion for personal development.

are you ready to dance with life?

Through reclaiming my power, overcoming resistance and taking back the reigns to my life, I was able to:

 Join me on a 4 week journey to reconnect to your feminine energy. Class begins: 3 July 2018.  Enrolment opens 25 June 2018.   Find out more here

Join me on a 4 week journey to reconnect to your feminine energy. Class begins: 3 July 2018.  Enrolment opens 25 June 2018.  Find out more here

  • Find work that I love, enjoy & am inspired by
  • Ignite my passion & align with my life's purpose.
  • Discover meaning, enjoyment and satisfaction in my day to day
  • Reconnect with my intuition, flow, creativity and femininity
  • Find inner balance & alignment 
  • Give up alcohol in an easeful, flowing & peaceful way
  • Build a business in an area that I love
  • Improve my relationships
  • Create a mindset that supports me
  • Improve my point of attraction & turn my dreams into a reality
  • Live life in accordance with my personal values of freedom, fun & fulfilment. 

And I can help you find the same! 

hey lovely! want to join me in CREATing A LIFE that is beautiful?




I am dedicated to helping people live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

I do this through my blog, podcast, TV, 21 actions & weekly newsletter, digital products and 1-1 coaching.

I want you to create a life you love, enjoy & are SOOOOOOOO inspired by! 


the create a life that is beautiful podcast

On the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, I share the stories of how everyday people created a life (including their work) doing what they love, enjoy and are inspired by.

This Podcast has been designed to inspire, empower & support you on the journey of uncovering your purpose & truth in the world. 

Discover how you too can build a beautiful relationship with both yourself and the world by stepping into your authenticity and sharing your unique gifts and talents.

Join us as we talk: Health, Lifestyle, Wellness, Spirituality, Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Purpose, Self-Love, and so much more! Experience peace, freedom and fulfillment when you consciously create a life you love, enjoy & are inspired by.


I am honoured to be offering 1-1 life coaching.  This is a special, confidential & nurturing space to help you find greater health, happiness & fulfilment in your life and create the life that you truly desire.  I provide a specially tailored coaching series designed to support you through this process, to overcome self-limiting beliefs and empower you to take back the reigns to your life.  

here are some kind words:

“Throughout my 3-month coaching journey with Leticia, I grew the courage to overcome some longstanding fears that were preventing me from giving myself permission to pursue one of my long-term passions.

At the beginning of our coaching journey, I was afraid and wanted to stay in my comfort zone. Leticia encouraged me to step out of my own way which was extremely liberating, and I found myself going from scared to really excited and inspired over the course of 3 months.

Going forward I feel really positive. I feel and believe that I can achieve my goals and the vision for myself that I have now created.  I now feel empowered that with having a plan of action, a vision and taking steps each week I will move closer towards my vision.”

the create a life that is beautiful community 

Join us in the Create a Life that is Beautiful community by signing up for my news *LOVE* letter.  This community is an interactive space where you will receive my latest content, tools, tips, resources & offerings to help you in creating a life (and work!) that you love, enjoy & are inspired by.  You will also receive some welcome goodies including a copy of my free program & E-Book: 21 Actions to Create a Life that is Beautiful

the blog + social media

I love to share all that I am learning to help me live a happier, healthier & more fulfilled life.  Check out my blog HERE

I am also a proud supporter of an alcohol free lifestyle and have some resources available on this website for you if that is something you are also interested in exploring. You can find them HERE. 

You can also find me on Facebook @leticiaringe & Instagram @createalifethatisbeautiful for daily doses of inspiration.