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Hi! I'm Leticia. welcome to my website!

I’m a Life and Business coach for people who want to make a difference in the world doing what they love!

I help people just like you uncover their purpose, align with the success their soul is calling them to and create the impact, lifestyle and business they truly desire.

It’s time to create a life + business that is beautiful!


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Join us!

A heart centred, high vibe community who want to make a meaningful difference in the world. Click here to join.


It’s time to show up as the most authentic & expanded version of you.

Before finding & showing up for my purpose, I was a qualified & practising lawyer, working within the corporate world for 10 years.

Despite appearing as a “successful” woman on the outside, I felt deeply unhappy & unfulfilled on the inside and I was drained by the life I was leading.

I was so busy living a life that pleased everyone around me, I forgot to get to know what kind of life I truly desired. Until I got the wake up call I needed, which lead me on an unforgettable journey that ultimately connected me with my purpose.

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HOW WOULD YOU FEEL TO design a life + business you love so you can make your difference in the world + thrive?!


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how i can help

the create a life that is beautiful podcast

I host a weekly podcast designed to inspire, empower & support you on your journey of uncovering & showing up for your purpose & truth in the world.

I share lessons, learnings & interviews with inspiring leaders, change-makers & entrepreneurs about their journey to doing the transformative, high vibe and conscious work they are creating in the world today. 

Discover how you too can make a difference by aligning with your purpose, stepping into your power and sharing your unique gifts and talents.

Join us as we talk: Health, Lifestyle, Wellness, Spirituality, Creativity, Balance, Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Conscious Business, Mindset, Health, Purpose, Self-Love, and so much more! 

“This is truly a lovely podcast. Leticia’s energy is so uplifting and her voice is like music! If you are interested in flow, finding purpose in life, and being inspired, this is the podcast for you.”

“I found this podcast after hearing Leticia on The Lively Show. Her insights on creating a life filled with flow and intuition led are magic music to my ears! Highly recommend for anyone seeking less fight and more flow!”


Supporting you through all stages of the entrepreneur journey, from finding work you love to starting and expanding your heart-centred business using both your masculine (mind) + feminine (heart) super-powers.

I hold 1-1 and group coaching programs taking you through the framework I have created to create a beautiful life + business .

I am currently enrolling into my group coaching program, Create Your Beautiful Biz to start your heart-centred business and my 1-1 Business Coaching program to help you expand your heart-centred business.

some client love:


Since the start of my coaching journey I've started opening up, writing more, sending out regular blogposts, becoming more visible. My inner world is much calmer, I'm more confident, and much more easily able to pick up myself.

Leticia has this special combination of very real, undivided and loving attention. It’s clear her love for her work and clients isn’t ‘work’, it’s from her heart.  I can feel she is constantly working on herself too, growing, using the tools she offers herself, and she has the amazing ability to share it, to find the right words to explain things,  while constantly breathing from her whole being that she knows what she's talking about. Leticia SHINES and that's so inspiring!”


I offer a range of digital products to support you in aligning with your purpose, message & vision and to create the foundation you need to fully show up in your life & business. Join us in my free online Facebook Group, the Make a Difference Soul Tribe!

I also run an online program, Embrace Your Feminine Essence, designed to reconnect you to your feminine energy, including your creativity, cyclical wisdom, intuition & flow that we tend to forget when we spend, like me, a decade in the corporate world. I also take you through how to reconnect with your hormonal cycle so that you are working with your natural creative power, not against it. 

In addition, I host a number of live in person and on-line trainings to support you. Sign up for my newsletter below to stay up to date on those offerings.

Create a life that is beautiful tv & community

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You can also find me on:

Facebook @leticiaringe

Instagram @createalifethatisbeautiful

To get you started why not check out my free 21 Actions to creating a life that is beautiful?