We've all heard about culture shock, but what about reverse culture shock?!

Today on the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, Leticia is speaking with Life Coach, Abby Lewtas from The Wanderlusters Mind Podcast about how she got to be doing the work she does today supporting travellers, adventurers and nomads through reverse culture shock when returning home after time abroad. 

"Travel is like going to school for learning about you and learning about the world."

This is a real thing my friends! After time abroad we can tend to find that our friendships have changed, financial reserves have plummeted, we need to find a new job or start something new, we might feel a little uncomfortable, anxious, depressed or expect to ease right back into our old life but find we have changed so much that it's harder than we thought. These are all typical feelings experienced during reverse culture shock. 

"Everything fell into place when I started to make the plan, so I knew it was the right decision."

Prior to this work, Abby spent 3 and a half years travelling through South America and then living in Canada before she returned home and went through her own experience of reverse culture shock.  And before her time abroad, she worked in a regular 9-5 and also was an athlete. She went from being someone very much in her masculine and in a strict routine to travelling and reconnecting with her feminine energy and flow to working as a life coach. 

“i was going to make it up as I went and this allowed me to be in this flowing energy.”

Abby's story is another beautiful example of the power of following your intuition and embracing your flow.  Both topics we explore in Embrace Your Feminine Essence which opens for enrolment on Monday 25 June 2018.  Find out more here

in this episode, find out about:

  • What travel teaches you: the benefits of travel and how Abby made her move overseas 
  • Reverse culture shock and the issues you experience when returning home after time abroad 
  • Following and trusting the call and your intuition
  • Embracing both your feminine energy and living life in the flow 
  • Dealing with emotional fear and overcoming worry
  • Friendships and coping with changing relationships, particularly when returning home after time abroad
  • Becoming your own best friend
  • Life coaching and how she got started
  • Abby's advice for discovering purpose and finding work you love, enjoy & are inspired by

"It’s very empowering to be able to have the people around you who are your people and who are going to support you and love on you and lift you up on whatever you are going to do."

"Nervous energy and excited energy it’s the same thing its just the way you look at it."

"Just think about what’s next… if you get too far ahead of yourself you can get lost and get in that worried state where you do become untrusting."

"Whats the worst that can happen, Why are we thinking that? Why aren’t we thinking whats the best that could happen?"

“it's 10 seconds of insane courage.”

- abby lewtas

"We feel like with our friendships that we need to marry them and have them for life. But the only relationship that is truly with us for life is the one with ourselves."


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