about me

Hi beautiful people! I'm Leticia Ringe, a certified Beautiful You Life Coach, trained Theta Healer, Author, Speaker and Host of the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast & Create a Life that is Beautiful TV.

You might feel lost, confused & wonder if you’re asking for too much or feel passionate, motivated & inspired about the dreams you want to bring to life.

Either way:


Combining my background in coaching, theta healing, 10 years in the legal industry (where I was qualified & practising as a lawyer) and my interest in self development, conscious business & spirituality, I will help you connect with your purpose and make the difference you truly desire.

Whether you know what the difference you are looking to create is, I will guide you in getting the clarity, direction & support you need to create a life that lights up your soul.

One of the biggest blocks I have observed to people, especially women, showing up for their purpose is a lack of connection to their feminine energy. This means your creativity, intuition, flow, menstrual cycle ability to trust, surrender and receive.

It’s time to take the path of least resistance

As was the case with my own story, when you have been trying to keep up with our very masculine, hustle + strive world we live in, you tend to forget to look inwards. You lose that connection to your inner voice, your emotions (or they take over us!) and your body.  But there is so much intelligence there!!

My works aims to guide you to reconnecting with yourself & your feminine energy, to finding a healthy balance with your equally important, left-brain masculine energy and to bringing you the clarity, direction & support you need to uncover & show up for your purpose.

The answers always lie within you.

Many of my clients tend to be women who are coaches, healers or creatives who want to bring to life a successful, heart centred, conscious business.

I’ve worked with people just like you who are ready to show up for their mission and message. Who are ready to expand into their power, share their voice, up-level their mindset, transcend their fears and bring to life their heart centred difference in the world.

Entrepreneurship is a wonderful option for many women giving you the freedom to design your life & business in a way that works for you.

But it’s not just about the contribution we make in the world. We’ve got to take a holistic look at our life and make sure we have the support in all areas so that we are feeling happy, healthy & fulfilled. With my previous work experience as a family lawyer, I am also passionate about helping people find & maintain a long lasting, committed, genuine & loving romantic relationship.

Creating a life that is beautiful is all about creating a life that you love, enjoy & are inspired by. 



I spent 10 years working within the corporate world, qualified and practised as a lawyer before I made my own leap from Corporate to Creative. If you'd like to hear my story you will find it here.


 my business why

I believe we all benefit by people living in alignment with their purpose. That we all have a unique combination of skills, experience, interests & gifts that together allow us to contribute, innovate and create social change & improvement in the world.

A healthy, happy, fulfilled person is way more likely to do a great job, to be a wonderful parent, friend, neighbour, colleague and uplift others to do the same. 

We need more of this in our world to create the conscious, high vibrational & positive transformation we need! 

And I believe the empowerment of those identifying as women is a key step in this evolution for all of us.


There are numerous ways to work with me:

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While you will get a ton of value from all of these resources, if you are ready to dive in deeper to up-level, transform and transcend working with a coach 1-1 is invaluable. There is nothing like a dedicated support network and partner when you start to doubt yourself, your abilities and your message. 

Whichever way you choose to invest in yourself, whether that be with your time, energy or finances - every investment is a sure sign to the universe that you are ready for your next chapter.