about me


Hi beautiful people! I'm Leticia Ringe and welcome to my website! 

everything you desire is yours for the creating.

I'm a certified Beautiful You Life Coach, trained Theta Healer, Writer and Host of the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast & Create a Life that is Beautiful TV.

I work with change makers, innovators & leaders seeking CONSCIOUS, POSITIVE & HIGH VIBRATIONAL TRANSFORMATION IN THE WORLD. 

If you are open-minded, looking to show up for your message & vision and ready & willing to transform, transcend & up-level your life, I'm your lady! 

I take a heart-centred, sustainable and easeful approach to my work that will provide you with a system that honours & respects your body, mind & soul and launches you into inspired action. 

I will help you honour your gifts & calling, get clarity around your purpose & mission and build a strong foundation that supports you. 

my mission

Creativity is where it's at. My mission is to connect you to your full creative power & potential and provide you with the foundational support to transform, transcend & up-level so that you are innovating & creating conscious, positive & high vibrational change in the world. We need you, we need your voice, we need your creativity in order to evolve.  


What would it feel like to:

♥ Develop a rock solid foundation that allows you to thrive

♥ Embrace your full creative power & potential

♥ Create a support network, mindset & lifestyle that supports you to transform, transcend + up-level 

♥ Own your message & vision

♥ Build clarity around your purpose + mission

♥ Launch you into inspired action

♥ Use your natural body rhythms and hormonal cycle to create

i can help.  come join me in creating a life that is beautiful to you.

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Helping change-makers, innovators & leaders show up for their purpose, message and vision. 

However, it wasn't always this way. I spent 10 years working within the corporate world, qualified and practised as a lawyer before I realised I was on the wrong track.


Before the work and life I lead today in London, I lived in Sydney, Australia where I worked as a lawyer.  Although I enjoyed many things about my life - like drinking, socialising & working hard, I also felt trapped. 

I was sitting in the passenger seat of my life with little idea about who I was and what I truly wanted for my life. 

I was playing small and I knew it. Was this what life was about? 

Instead of dealing with my fear & the weight of responsibility I felt, I self medicated through alcohol, food, exercise and keeping busy.  I was addicted to obsessing and worrying about my work, my clients - and I managed to pick up every single virus that went around the office. 

I dealt with ridiculous situations at work, withstood excruciating physical pain for years, a lack of energy, depression, anxiety and still I soldiered on. 

Until that one fateful day when I got the medical diagnosis I needed to cast myself out of this spell.

For the first time, I stopped and slowly the path to awakening unfolded. 

Within a year I moved to the other side of the world, left life as a lawyer and was determined to start living life in alignment with my purpose. But first I had to find it!   

I used this time to figure things out, to explore who I was as a person, what living as a cyclical women really meant and what I might like to do with my life.  And that's when my obsession with personal development, consciousness & spirituality began. 

Within another year, I found the passion and purpose I had been looking for and I decided to take that big, brave step to throw corporate life in and begin the work I do today. 

I cannot begin to explain just how thankful I am to my past self for making this decision! 

There have been many evolutions to my journey and of course the journey continues to unfold, but what underpins my journey of transformation was my resolve to live a life with purpose, to create a mindset that supports me and to create meaningful change in both my inner & outer world.


So who am I?

I resonate most with the alchemist archetype.  Our darkest moments, can be the best opportunities for change.  

Working with manifestation and the Law of Attraction plays a big role in my approach to life.  You can read more about my experience HERE and also by checking out a recent interview I did on my all time favourite podcast, The Lively Show HERE.

I am a romantic at heart and my deepest desire is to help make the world a better place. 

 I don't believe that life is meant to be a struggle and I believe it is our responsibility to make sure we are living our happiest, healthiest and most fulfilled life. 

ARE YOU READY TO show up for your vision & mission too?