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Hi beautiful!

Leticia Ringe is an Award Winning Life & Holistic Business Coach, Menstrual Magic Specialist, Speaker and Host of the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast & TV. 

She helps high vibe babes who want to make a difference step into their unique gifts and create a beautiful, purpose-driven life & business!

My mission is to support more womxn in doing work they love in a way that also sets them up for long-term sustainable & enjoyable success! Understanding our gifts, our body, our energy, our cycle (our menstrual magic!) and our minds are vital to creating a powerful, sustainable & beautiful life + business.

As your self-proclaimed “Business Doula”, Leticia guides her community through all stages of the entrepreneur journey from finding purpose to creating & growing a heart-centred, conscious business. 

Leticia will support you to live in flow with your inner cyclical wisdom to embody your freedom lifestyle, create like a #BossQueen and earn a living sharing your unique gifts. 

It’s time to make a difference and thrive!


It’s time to create a life + business that is beautiful to you!

Hello, my beautiful friends! I’m Leticia.

I believe we all have incredible gifts to share with the world….

Before the work I do today, I was a lawyer.

I worked in the corporate world for 10 years before I decided to go all in on my dream business to create my #bestlife.

At the time all I had was a laptop, a pretty vague idea about how to actually run a business and an unshakeable desire for a life of more freedom, fun & fulfilment.

I was sick of suffering in the rigid corporate lifestyle and I knew my true talents were being wasted.  

I’m here to live an incredible life that surpasses my wildest dreams and I know that you are too!!

So, one beautiful, shimmering day in March 2017 I took a GIANT leap and handed in my notice to follow my passion and live out my laptop dreams.

Fast forward a couple of years + today I run an international, award-winning coaching business supporting high vibes babes to show up for their purpose + create a beautiful life and business using their menstrual magic.

Are you ready to share your unique gifts with the world too?


Even though I was doing well in my career as a lawyer, I just couldn’t escape the desire for something “more”.

I was playing small and I knew it.

BUT to my logical mind this seemed ridiculous - wasn’t I in a career that most people only dreamed of???

Instead of dealing with this knowing, I self medicated through alcohol, food, exercise and keeping busy.

I was heavily in my masculine + pretty much disconnected from my feminine.

I didn’t see myself as creative, I thought emotions were a weakness and I associated completely with my mind - looking for logical evidence (outside myself!) as to why I should leave something I had spent 7+ years working towards.

12 hour + days were totally normally for me, I ate lunch at my desk almost every day, constantly missed week night appointments and I was feeling burned out, frustrated, sad, anxious and even, at times, depressed.

I was far from thriving.

☆ ☾ ✧


I’d been suffering with chronic pain for some time. And thankfully the pain got so bad, that I was forced to stop and start listening to my body (rather than my mind!).  

I was at a bit of a rock bottom, however this was my special TURNING POINT.

The Universe was sending me loads of support. I was attracting all sorts of new resources to support me in my healing, including one of my very first podcast recommendations which filled me in on the power of working with the 4 different phases of your menstrual cycle.

I was immediately hooked!

I was tuning into podcasts on my way to work, my lunch break, at my desk and on my way home, while cooking, cleaning, on my way from court, client meetings  - I was in podcast heaven!

It was here that my love (obsession!) for self growth, health + wellness, the menstrual cycle + entrepreneurship kicked off.

Soon I too was working with the 4 phases of my menstrual cycle, attempting to heal my body naturally from, endometriosis.

I began eating certain foods at specific times of the month, exercising differently at different times of the month and scheduling my weeks according to where I was in my cycle.

This time reconnecting with my body and menstrual cycle (which had until very recently only been, like for many other women, a source of pain + shame) was for me the ultimate act of self-love that resulted in me reconnectng with my intuition, feminine energy + finding an inner strength + confidence that I had never found before.

Things were starting to change.

☆ ☾ ✧

That year, 2015 - I moved to the other side of the world from Sydney to London (a place I had never even visited before!), leaving my life as a lawyer behind once + for all.

Moving away from my friends, family and the career I’d spent 8+ years creating, while challenging, ended up being the BEST decision I ever made.

I knew by this time that corporate life was not the best place for me. I was sick of being tied to a desk, working in a suit, having little physical, creative + intellectual freedom and being around people who seemed to be just as unhappy & discontent with their career as I was.

and I knew that if I was going to tap into the full power of my cycle + show up for my true purpose, I would need to leave this corporate world behind.

And so I did.

☆ ☾ ✧

Life has a way of catching you when you follow your heart!

In March 2017, I set off for brighter days. Leaving my corporate career behind to design a life + business using my inner cyclical wisdom.

I committed to learning as much as I could about the menstrual cycle and implementing that information into the way I structured my business.  I spent a whole year documenting my cycle as it related to my business, creativity, physical symptoms, the moon cycle and developed my signature Feminine Essence framework and Menstrual Magic business growth formula.

I also discovered that our inner cyclical wisdom (our menstrual magic!) provides the perfect, powerful & most natural system of all for our manifestations.

Since then, I’ve:

  • grown an international, award winning coaching practice

  • created a successful Podcast where I have had the pleasure of interviewing amazing people making a difference in the world

  • designed an online course to reconnect you with your feminine energy + inner cyclical wisdom

  • run a variety of group coaching programs, workshops, circles and events

  • supported an incredible community of high vibe babes to build a beautiful business using the power of their menstrual magic too!

today My life + business is structured to support me, my energy + my body every step of the way.

I live life in flow with my menstrual magic.

I can’t imagine living and working in a different way. I get to work wherever I want, to decide how much I earn, to create every single day, travel all over the world and work with people who truly light up my soul.

and so can you.

☆ ☾ ✧

My Feminine Essence Framework

I developed my signature Feminine Essence framework to support my high vibe babes (including coaches, healers, artists & creatives) manifest a beautiful life + business using the wisdom of their inner cycle.

You don't need to hustle, strive or even try at this. All you need to do is say YES! to allowing your body, your energy & your cycle to lead the way....

While we look at all the practical things it takes to run a successful business (like marketing, voice confidence, sacred offer creation, technical systems, mindset + strategy), we also work on:

  1. Balancing your masculine + feminine superpowers so that you creating in the most powerful way.

  2. Working with my Menstrual Magic Formula so that you are creating in the most effective, sustainable and easeful way possible (note: if you aren’t currently experiencing a menstrual cycle, you can still use this system!).

  3. Following your joy - which I believe is our highest purpose.

  4. Understanding your energy including your human design, astrology &  personality type so that we can create a biz that feels in total alignment for you.

  5. Finding your flow so that you are working with your zones of genius and unique gifts in your business.

When we create a business that takes into account these 5 principles, you set yourself up for long-term business success so that you are experiencing more freedom, fun & fulfilment in your life too!