You’re a beautiful, heart-centred soul with a calling to do something meaningful in the world. 

Your heart is calling you to step into the unknown, to take bigger risks, to serve, to expand & to share your gifts with the world. 

And you don't want to do it alone.

Allow me to guide you through 2019 with support, guidance & community to help you make your difference. 

Start 2019 aligned with your purpose.

Gain confidence, clarity & direction on your mission.

Move forward on your purpose with support, guidance & community.

Let’s get activated together!

Photo by Simon Maage

Photo by Simon Maage

When it comes to finding & showing up for the difference you want to create in the world, it’s easy to step in your own way. 

You begin inspired! excited! motivated! 

And then… 

“Reality” sets in.  Or, as I prefer to call it… the Mind! 

It’s easy to lose sight of what you want to create, to forget why you started and all the beautiful, wonderful & incredible gifts that you have to share with the world.

Life gets in the way.  

And as you close your year you might think to yourself: When will it get easier??? When will I finally move forward on my heart’s calling? When will I finally step UP???

It’s time to make a change. To do something differently. 

And you don’t have to do it alone! 

Photo by Ian Schneider.

Photo by Ian Schneider.


I know firsthand how frustrating it is when you want to move forward and still have fear holding you back. Imagine having the kind of support, guidance and community that would help bring clarity, confidence & focus to you in times of confusion, resistance and struggle…. You don’t have to do it alone.

Photo by John-Schnobric.

Photo by John-Schnobric.

the time is now

Did you know our greatest fear is often not our failure, but our own expansion? We are afraid of our own success! The best decision I ever made was when I finally made the commitment to myself to STEP UP & SHOW UP for the purpose my heart was calling me to. No excuses.

I know what it takes to bring something to life that comes from deep within your heart.  

What could you achieve if you had the right support, guidance & community to help you bring your dreams to life?


Each year I take myself through a specific process to begin my year with clarity, focus and direction on what my purpose is, the difference I want to create, the life I want to lead and how I am going to get there. 

I use a specially designed process to keep me connected with my heart and ever evolving purpose while also laying out a working vision, roadmap and plan.  

This is what has allowed me to create all the incredible things I have created over the past almost 2 years, since I finally bit the bullet and went after my dreams.

Since then, I’ve been able to:

>> Leave my 10 year corporate career behind 

>> Start & grow a successful heart led business

>> Serve my community in a unique way that is aligned with my heart

>> Build a life coaching practice & online community that serves an international audience (I LOVE YOU ALL!!)

>> And most importantly create a life that feels expansive, exciting, joyful & oh so BEAUTIFUL to me!  

I’m often complimented by all that I have brought to life in less than 2 years.

BUT I know that I’m not special, I’m just like you.

All I did was finally start taking my life, my dreams and my callings seriously. I decided that I AM the type of woman who WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

So I worked out a process that allows me to grow, evolve & expand while also providing me with a strong starting foundation that I continue to use every single year.

And now I want to take you through that process with me. 

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How this mentorship will support you:

* Begin 2019 with a vision, a plan & clarity so that you start the year inspired, aligned with your heart & connected to your purpose

* Monthly support, guidance & community so that you continue to move forward, expand & show up for your vision

* Finally kick those fears to the side so that you can truly shine & share your light with the world.

* Activating the difference you want to see in the world so that you are living a life that truly lights up your soul!

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“I was able to gain clarity around my purpose and gain the confidence to start pursuing my dreams. If you have any fears, upper limit problems, money blocks or you just need an extra push to take massive action then I highly recommend Leticia to help you break through the clutter.

Thank you, Leticia, for inspiring me to live a life that is truly aligned with who I am."

- Mashell R.

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“Since the start of my coaching journey I've started opening up, writing more, sending out regular blogposts, becoming more visible in several ways. My inner world is much calmer, I'm more confident, and much more easily able to pick up myself at those moments when I’m not!”

- Ilsabeth

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“I think coaching is great for making yourself accountable to someone else other than yourself and take bigger leaps in your life than you would otherwise.

I was drawn to Leticia because of her particular focus on feminine energy, which I know realise I was lacking massively before starting my journey with her. It's so interesting to learn more about yourself and become a better version of yourself out in the world.”

- Ella

More testimonials here

activated 2019


This 12 month mentorship will begin with our New Moon in Capricorn on Sunday 6 January 2019 and will be divided into 2 phases. 

Jan- Feb 2019

Let’s start the year off with a strong foundation paired with our New Moon in Capricorn! Think of this as a time for review, introspection & intuitive planning. During this chapter, we will take a holistic look at your life - nothing gets left behind!

  • 4 week guided process to begin 2019 with clarity, alignment & direction with weekly exercises to help you create a working roadmap for what you want to bring to life in 2019 + beyond. Complete this process knowing your intentions, your goals, your mission & how you want to bring these to life.

  • 4 x group coaching calls to help you get clarity on your purpose, vision & heart centred plan for 2019. These calls will be recorded, with replays available for each call & opportunities to send in your q’s in advance.

  • 4 x trainings taught throughout to help you align & show up for your purpose in a beautiful heart centred & expansive way.

March - December 2019

Astrologically, the beginning of each year begins in March. Now it’s time to move forward on making your difference! It’s time to get activated and we are going to do it together. During this phase you will be working towards bringing your vision to life and you’ll have a monthly training and coaching check-in to help you stay on track. 

  • 10 x group coaching calls via Zoom so that you can have your questions answered and receive coaching to keep you moving forward with alignment, activation and purpose! These calls will be recorded, with replays available for each call & opportunities to send in your q’s in advance.

  • 10 x monthly trainings to keep you moving forward on showing up for your beautiful purpose in the most aligned, heart centred and authentic way!  Topics will be based on the needs of the group.

    These trainings could range from: finding your ideal audience, sharing your message, connecting to your intuition, fear setting, business set up. overcoming unconscious blocks, high vibe marketing & community building, creativity, sharing your message, money + so much more! 


  • Private online community so that you have access to me in between sessions and can connect with your fellow Activated members! 

  • (Optional) Pairing with a Listening Partner so that you can keep each other accountable and also lend an ear throughout the year as you both need it. 

  • Monthly LIVE New Moon Intention Setting Guided Meditations to keep you connected to your heart and the energy of the season

  • Further surprises to be revealed throughout the year!! 

TOTAL VALUE of this MENTORSHIP (BASED ON WORKING together 1-1): $4,000+


“Leticia, you are such a joy to partner with. I really felt empowered in our space together and appreciate the new perspectives you shared in regards to what is mine to do in this world. Your warm and natural style is so refreshing and I look forward to working with you more in the future.”

- Julie


This program is for you, if:

☆ You want to dive in deeper to your purpose

☆ You’re ready to make 2019 the year you start showing up in an expanded way for what your heart is calling you to create

☆ You want to make a difference in the world through aligning with your unique essence

☆ You want to create/grow a heart centred business OR bring to life a passion project in a way that feels aligned, authentic and FUN

☆ You want to find work you LOVE & create a life that is beautiful to you!

What matters most is that you want to expand, you want to align with your purpose and you want to take 2019 by the reigns and show up in a big, beautiful & heart centred way to make your difference in the world!

Please note: You do not need to know what your purpose is or what you are being called to do, you just need to want to find out!

what you will walk away with:

  • Get clear on your purpose and the difference you want to create in the world 

  • Identify the natural gifts you have walked into this world with and how you can cultivate & refine these to leverage your uniqueness

  • Come up with a strategy and plan for 2019 with heart centred intentions, goals and an immediate action plan that comes from your heart. Consider this your working roadmap - under construction & always evolving. 

  • A supportive year long process that guides you every step of the way through bringing your vision to life

  • The satisfaction of having finally moved forward in an expanded, inspired, authentic and heart led way on your beautiful purpose

  • A close knit community of friends & people you can bounce your ideas off with and receive support from :-)


Option 1:

12 x Monthly Payments of $103

Option 2:

One payment upfront of $1,117 (this gives you a 10% discount on the total price)

join the waitlist for my next 12 month mentorship below!



  • 4 week guided process to begin 2019 with clarity, alignment & direction with weekly exercises to help you create a working roadmap for what you want to bring to life in 2019 + beyond

  • 14 x group coaching calls via Zoom so that just like working 1-1 with a coach, you have regular coaching sessions where we will be working together in a group and you’ll have the chance to ask questions and receive coaching in the ‘hot seat’ (we will learn so much from each other!)

  • 14 x trainings to keep you moving forward on showing up for your beautiful purpose in the most aligned, heart centred and authentic way! 

  • Private online community so that you have access to me in between sessions and can connect with your fellow Activated members! 

  • Monthly LIVE New Moon Intention Setting Guided Meditations because who doesn’t love a guided meditation?! 

  • Further surprises to be revealed throughout the year!!

We all have incredible gifts and interests to share with the world (however big or small they may seem). All of these matter and we all benefit by you aligning with your truth and showing up for what your big, beautiful heart is calling from you! 

We begin on January 6th, 2019

Let’s start the year off with a strong foundation paired with our New Moon in Capricorn! 

I'll take you through my own specially designed & tailored process to begin the year with clarity, alignment & purpose. 

Then, we will work together for the rest of 2019 to bring your vision to life one step at a time. 

We are in this together. 



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I specialise in working with women to find and show up for their purpose. I’ve worked with women just like you who are ready to show up for their mission and message. Who are ready to expand into their power, share their voice, up-level their mindset, transcend their fears and bring to life their heart centred difference in the world. This is my area of passion. Most of all, I get it. I’ve been exactly where you are now, I haven’t come from a background of privilege and I have been able to create the life I truly desire. And you can too.

What is the refund policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with the program within 21 days from the date the course commences, you will receive a full refund. All you need to do is email to let me know. 


After the refund period expires, you will not be able to cancel your instalment payments.

When do we begin?

The course commences on Sunday 6 January 2019 with our New Moon in Capricorn. On this day you will receive your Welcome Email and your first lot of instructions.

When will the coaching calls be held?

We will be alternating between 2 different call times throughout the program to give people the best chance of being able to attend live, with the calls being held on a Saturday or Sunday.

What happens if I can't attend one of the coaching calls?

Replays will be offered for all coaching calls and stored in our membership site for your future reference. If you cannot attend the calls live, you will still be able to have your questions answered on the coaching call. 

You will get so much value from watching the coaching calls even if you cannot attend. I myself have attended many programs like this where I have not been able to attend the calls and I have still gotten exactly what I needed.

Check out what one of my beautiful clients, Julie said for example during my online course Embrace Your Feminine Essence:

“While I wasn't able to make any of the live calls, it was refreshing to be in a community that talks about these topics. I learned something from everyone when I listened to these calls.”

How much work will there be?

I want this experience to be as time & energy efficient as possible. Your time commitment for the first part of our journey will require a minimum of 2 hours per week and from March to December a minimum of 3 hours per month.  I encourage you to make sure you create space for this experience so you are able to give your projects the time & attention they deserve.

Yes, because your dreams matter!!

what do i need for this mentorship?

An internet connection so you can attend the calls and access the membership community where all your materials will be stored.


No problems beautiful! Send me an email at