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Photo by Hayley Richardson Photography.

Photo by Hayley Richardson Photography.

Hey there beautiful! congratulations!

Congratulations to you for taking this empowered step.

I would LOVE the opportunity to act as your guide & partner in creating your purpose-driven, heart-centred business!

Below are the details of my current coaching packages & an application form to make sure I am the absolute right person for you and to get you started thinking about what you most desire.

Current coaching packages



You can join my 6 month 1-1 coaching program to help you start or expand in your online business.

This program is dedicated to helping you to:

✧ build a strong foundation in your business so that you are attracting your ideal audience

✧ building your brand, including if relevant launching your website and social media

✧ confidently communicating your message

✧ offering products, services & content that best support your community

✧ leading in your field of expertise & seeking the best promotional opportunities

✧ clearing your subconscious blocks & self-sabotaging behaviours

✧ creating a money story & mindset that supports you in creating wealth + abundance

✧ supporting yourself for the level of growth you desire

✧ working with your strengths, zone of genius, voice and cycle

✧ showing up for your business, community + purpose in your most expansive way.

This program is perfect for you if:

☆ You want to start or grow in your online business

☆ You are a heart centred person who wants to make a positive difference to the world through your business

☆ You are a life coach, healer or creative who wants to show up for your gifts, community + calling in a more expanded way

☆ You are an aspiring life coach, healer or creative and you want to set yourself up with the best foundation in your online business


  • Detailed Discovery Questionnaire to help you get clarity on your mission & vision and how we can support you through our 6 month journey

  • Personality Profiling Exercises to find out the best way to serve you based on your personality, astrology, human design and other factors.

  • 1 x 90 minute Initial Discovery & Intention Setting Session with Leticia via Zoom & recorded to set the foundation for your coaching journey & get to the heart of what you truly desire

  • 2 x 50 minute coaching sessions per month with Leticia via Zoom & recorded to move you into inspired action, connect you to your inner guidance, overcome blocks and to support you in achieving your intentions + goals for the series

    N.B. In your first month, you will have 1 x 90 minute Initial Discovery & Intention Setting Session and 1 x 50 minute Coaching Session.

  • BONUS: 1 x 50 minute follow up call with Leticia approximately one month after the end of the coaching series to check-in & get further support

  • Tailored coaching process & action steps that will keep you moving forward and on track, designed for your personality

  • Unlimited email & Voxer support so that Leticia can continue to support you between sessions (and in those moments of doubt!)

  • Worksheets and other resources to help you along your journey and beyond

  • Free enrolment into my signature online course, Embrace Your Feminine Essence

  • (Optional Extra) Theta Healing session(s) with Leticia at $150 per session to uncover any subconscious blocks. Please note currently this is a service I only offer to my 1-1 coaching clients.


    All prices are in USD.

    6 Month Business Coaching Package: 

    $3,000 (payment plan also available)


So I can make sure I am the absolute best person to help you with your coaching needs, please could you take some time to fill in the form below.  

Once you have completed this form, you will get an email from me to talk about next steps.

I can't wait to meet you! 

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