Ariadne Kapsali. Photo by Haley Richardson. 

CLB 004 : Ariadne Kapsali - The Power of Intentional Living, Mindfulness & Body Intelligence

There is a wealth of knowledge available to us in our bodies and through experience. When we slow down and look for this knowledge and understanding within, we build our awareness and give ourselves the tools to live intentionally.  

We start to look to ourselves for the answers, rather than to others. 

What is true for me?

This approach has a profound impact on our search for purpose and meaning in our lives. 

In this episode of the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, we are speaking to my wonderful friend, colleague and life coach, Ariadne Kapsali.  Ariadne is a certified Beautiful You Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation teacher and mental health professional. 

Ariadne began her professional life working in mental health for 10 years before moving into the amazing field of life coaching.  She is an incredibly intentional, aware, calm, nurturing and supportive woman and I am so grateful to be able to share her wisdom with you all.

I met Ariadne in the first half of 2017 when I was interested in learning more about becoming a life coach.  I contacted her to find out about the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and we hit it off immediately, so much that I asked to work with her as my own coach!  Since then I have witnessed first hand the powerful results life coaching has on a person's life and this was testament enough for me to make the decision to study as a life coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

By the end of our first 3 month coaching journey, I felt like I had well & truly arrived home to my self.  This is the power of coaching! 

in this episode, find out about:

  • How Ariadne came to be doing the work she does in the world today

  • The power of intention, awareness, slowing down and experience (rather than intellectualising)

  • How to understand the difference between the intuition, fear, resistance and the ego

  • The knowledge and intelligence of the body

  • The power of yoga

  • The difference between life coaching and counselling

  • Yin Yoga, breathing and the power of meditation

  • The problem with passion and proving yourself to others 

  • Ariadne's personal tips for finding purpose, happiness and fulfilment in your career and life

“Things change all the time.  So being aware of that change, that my thoughts, my emotions change, my body changes and therefore my environment changes.

It's slowly getting used to that continuous movement, but still being able to return to a space within that I feel steady, I feel grounded and I'm not pulled in so many different directions."

- Ariadne kapsali

show notes

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