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Photo taken by  Fi Mims Photography  at the incredibly inspiring, supportive and uplifting Beautiful You Inspiration Day in Auckland earlier this year. 💖

Photo taken by Fi Mims Photography at the incredibly inspiring, supportive and uplifting Beautiful You Inspiration Day in Auckland earlier this year. 💖


Do you love to help & inspire others?

My decision to train as a Life Coach was not an easy one. That’s for sure! However, looking back it seems like the most obvious choice of all. Just not to me at the time.

When I resigned from my corporate role, my manager said “you’re going to be a life coach.” I remember feeling embarrassed by the suggestion.

I loved self development, knew that I wanted to start my own business sharing all the tools that had changed my life, however “life coach” seemed like a stretch. Now I know this was just the fear talking. The fear of doing something different.

Less than 3 months later… there I was, still scared, signing up to train as a life coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. And now I’m a certified Beautiful You Life Coach and I’ve not looked back.

My decision to train as a Life Coach marked the first step of me showing up for the life & business I truly wanted to create. Since I was a teenager I knew I wanted to make a difference, serve others & help people live the life they truly wanted. The only question was: how?

I tried studying psychology for almost 3 years, however that didn’t feel right for me. I also qualified as a lawyer, however that never felt right for me either.

I remember coming across the work of Brooke Castillo and soaking up every single word. I guess this was when the seed was planted.

Got dreams of building a heart-centred business you love that also serves others?

Making the decision to train with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy was in some ways easy and in other ways, of course, a tough decision to make. I had heard the course mentioned by my favourite teacher at the time, Jess Lively.

I looked at the Beautiful You website immediately and signed up for their newsletter about 5 months before I had that conversation with my manager. And I remember feeling really inspired and feeling that I was truly, finally, being heard. Plus, I mean… it’s beautiful!!

So, when it came to seriously considering training as a life coach I was already somewhat familiar with BYCA, however being an ex-lawyer, of course, I wanted to explore other options, particularly those based in London, where I was (and still am).

I explored a ton of options, however nothing sung out to me like Beautiful You did. By this stage I had already started my website and had my tagline: Create a Life that is Beautiful. You’d think the name would give it away!

I also considered not training, however in the end I really desired to be apart of a community and I knew having a qualification would be important to my clients, my service & also for my own confidence.

Want to make a difference in the world?

In the end, I simply couldn’t find any other life coaching course that resonated with me in the way BYCA did and does. Their heart-centred, soulful & feminine messaging spoke to me. The thought of continuing to do “corporate coaching” or doing coaching in a traditional sense didn’t feel like a good fit for me at all.

I wanted something that focused on living with intention, rather than achieving goals or milestones that looked good, but didn’t feel right. I wanted something that felt spacious and at the same time would give me a community & a process.

In the end, I decided I loved online courses anyway, why did my training need to be in person? I could attend the calls from the comfort of my own home!

I ended up signing up for the course in May and beginning the course in October. Those 5 months were a long wait - however in that time I began working with clients and it became obvious that life coaching was always what I had intended.


One of the best moments was when my coaching materials arrived. I knew from that moment I had found the right course. Relief!!

One of my favourite things about training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy is the incredible community & support you get. They truly are your family & for someone like me, who never felt like I really found a group where I belonged, this has been the most liberating aspect of it all.

Graduating as a Beautiful You Life Coach was one of the best days of my life. Here is what I wrote on Instagram (love social media for these moments!):

When I graduated as a lawyer it was a very different feeling. I was proud of having persevered and finally got it done, but I also felt a sadness because I knew that this was not what I truly wanted. 💔 Yesterday, I experienced something very different. I felt super duper proud, excited & inspired. Being a life coach feels like a second skin. It’s comfortable. It’s authentic. It’s ME. 💕

If you’re someone who also has that calling for something more, for something that will make a difference and you love to help others, to serve, to inspire people - then maybe life coaching is for you too.


If you are thinking of training as a life coach, here are some of the things I loved most about the Beautiful You Coaching Academy course:

  • Julie Parker, the CEO and the Beautiful You trainers & team. Julie is seriously such an inspiration. She to me embodies a woman in her power and she has been an incredible role model for me. The BYCA is a testament to her & I also adore her work outside the academy. The Beautiful You trainers and the team are also incredibly inspiring. Since completing my training, I have been in touch with all of my trainers and worked with a number of them also. Check out my podcast interview with one of my gorgeous trainers, Sammie Fleming.

  • The buddy system. When you sign up for the course you have the option of being allocated a buddy. The person you are assigned is handpicked by Julie herself and she seriously has some match-making abilities!! My buddy, Ange and I are still friends to this day and in fact, are even running events together. The buddy process is invaluable support and the connection you each get is unlike anything else you will experience.

  • The coaching process you learn. I still use the coaching process I learned. It’s able to be tailored to all circumstances and works in a beautiful, heart-centred way that gets your clients the results they truly want!!

  • What you get. The Workbooks, worksheets, templates & course content you get are 1. beautiful!! 2. incredibly detailed, extensive & supportive. I was so impressed with everything you get to assist you in working as a coach. What I think sets this course apart from others is that you also are taught the business side. How to set up your business, how to market yourself, how to run events, do group programs, retreats and have successful partnerships to name just a few!

  • The community. This was the real driver for me in my decision to train with BYCA and it didn’t let me down. BYCA teaches community & collaboration over competition and this is reflected in the people within the academy. There are plenty of opportunities to meet with other BYCA coaches & graduates either on-line or in person with an ongoing supportive Facebook group & meet ups. Plus plenty of opportunities to work together and support each other. This is invaluable, especially when doing something a little more alternative like becoming a life coach.

  • The academy is an Approved Coach Education Provider by the worlds peak coaching body – The International Coaching Federation.

Photo from our most recent London meet up.

Photo from our most recent London meet up.

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How can you take advantage of this amazing offer?

  1. To be eligible for this offer, you must enrol using this link and it must be the last link you use.

  2. Send me an email once you have signed up at to let me know.

Important notes for this offer:

  • I am an affiliate for the BYCA course, which means I receive a financial kickback when you enrol using my affiliate link. This is why I am able to offer this special bonus.


No worries at all. I understand! Here are some further resources I encourage you to use:

  • On 20 September I will be airing a podcast interview with Julie Parker, the CEO & Founder of the BYCA. You can listen to this episode here.

  • On 13 September I will be airing a solo podcast episode sharing more about why I became a life coach, what I do, why I trained with the BYCA and my experience. You can find this episode here.

  • Send me an email to to set up a time for a 30 minute chat. I’m always happy to chat with aspiring coaches. You guys are awesome!!

That’s it! I hope you found this page helpful. For further inspiration, make sure you check out my podcast, the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, follow me on Instagram @createalifethatisbeautiful, check out my Youtube channel and/or sign up for my newsletter below.

Lots of love!