CLB 057: How to Be Confident & Have the Courage to Be Seen

Today I’m talking about one of the biggest barriers to up-leveling in our life & business…. One of our deepest fears - BEING SEEN!

People often think I’m a naturally confident gal - but that can’t be further from the truth! Confidence is a decision we make in the moment, just like acting from our fear. You can shrink or you can stand tall - what are you going to choose?!

In this episode, find out:

💋Why being seen is so scary!

💋How to shift your fear into courage

💋What confidence really is + how to tap into it

This episode is perfect for you want to stop hiding and are ready to stand tall together! Your community, clients, relationships, children…. THE WORLD depends on it!

Show Notes:

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Read Braving The Wilderness by Brené Brown