Become a Magnetic Manifesting Maven

I don’t know about you, but I’m on a mission this year to call in a level of success, impact and expansion like I’ve never experienced before. I’m a woman on a mission to make a big difference in the world through my work and message and I have a vision.

And I guess that you reading this now, have one too.

You want the dream clients, the perfect projects, the financial success and the joy. Is that too much to ask???

No, it’s not!

I plan on achieving my vision using a a mix of the more magical method of manifestation with the practical (let’s not forget the power of inspired action, yeah?!).

Today, let’s talk about the first: MANIFESTATION.

When I talk about manifestation I’m talking about your ability to consciously call in what you want to experience in your life.

The truth is, however, you are manifesting every moment of every day whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

The law of manifestation is that we attract experiences that are our vibrational match.

So, for most of us what this means is when we are unconscious to the power and law of manifestation we spend our time thinking about what we don’t want and thus vibrate at that place… for e.g. worrying!

Which means we attract experiences that we don’t want, because that is what we are a vibrational match for.

When we understand the law of manifestation, we can choose to work with it in our favour. We shift to concentrating on the experiences we want, so that we become a vibrational match for those instead.

If you want to get a look at how this works in reality, check out this blog I wrote on the topic in 2017.

Even when we understand the law of manifestation and we have been trying so hard to practise and perfect the art of it, many of us will find that we are still blocking the success, impact and abundance we desire.

Today, I want to share with you 5 powerful tools to help you become a MAGNETIC MANIFESTING MAVEN in your life + business!

Let’s dive in.

5 Tools for Manifesting Abundance in Your Life + Business


    One of the first things I want to know when I start working with a client is, are they a specific or general manifestor?

    A specific manifestor works better identifying the specifics of what they want. Whereas, a general manifestor is better off tapping into generally how they want to feel without specifics.

    You can find out which method is better for you and your manifestations through giving both methods a try. Or, you can find out through your human design chart.

    To find out more, check out this recent video I did on the topic. N.B. if you don’t have Facebook, you will find it also on IGTV.

  2. LET GO + ALLOW.

    The key step to manifesting anything is your ability to let go + ALLOW.

    Your dream client might not be the client you think of. Your perfect project you think of might not be so perfect after all. The way you believe you will find financial success might not be the most aligned, easeful & productive way for you to create it. 

    This is because we go off what we’ve seen done before. But what if there is a better way? Release your attachment, by letting go of how things must show up and be open to receiving abundance in other ways. This means understanding the core of what you want and being open to the way and form it shows up.

    Ask yourself: What is most important about what I’m calling in?


    We’ve all been through our ideal client profiling and avatars… but how do we go about calling them in? It’s just like calling in a soul mate partner! 

    (i) Be clear on how you want to feel in your client relationships.

    (ii) Align with those feelings now.

    (iii) Trust that your dream clients are making their way to you + remain open to receiving them. 

    IMPORTANT: To be open to receiving them, you’ve got to be seen. They need to find you after all. So make sure you’re visible and ready to receive.

    Ask yourself: Am I really open to receiving my manifestations?


    Making money through work that lights up your soul is a GREAT thing! Be proud of what you do.

    Many of us heart-centred peeps, can feel guilty about charging money for our services.

    We under-value our work and deal with ancient (ha! or not so ancient) preconceptions that work must be boring, a struggle and something that doesn’t light up our soul. 
    This is a major block to creating the financial abundance and success we long. I dealt with feeling like this too when I started my business. In fact, it took me months longer to launch an offering because of this belief.  And what did that do? It meant I couldn’t show up for the people I was here to serve until I made the decision to value my work and change my beliefs about what work “should be”.

    Ask yourself: Am I truly aligned with the abundance I am calling in?


    Clear out any limiting beliefs you have around financial success, abundance and what work should be.

    Creating an abundance mindset is something I work on with all my clients, because these limiting beliefs are reinforced all around us and at every level of success we have to keep cleaning out the ones that hold us back. This requires a constant de-cluttering.

    Ask yourself: What beliefs are blocking the level of abundance you are calling in?

There you go! That was 5 tools to unlock your inner MAGNETIC MANIFESTING MAVEN and call in the success, impact and expansion you desire in 2019!!!

Want more? I’m holding a live Masterclass on Monday 21 January on ABUNDANCE. I will be providing 3 powerful questions to ask yourself to open yourself up to abundance and release those nasty self-limiting beliefs once and for all. The training is happening in my private Facebook community which you can register for here.

Let me know in the comments any intentional manifestations you have in your life or business using the above.

Lots of love,



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