A Love Letter to Autumn

"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness." - Keats. 

Lately it's been feeling a lot like you, Autumn. 

The temperature is falling. 

The leaves are starting to fade. 

The wind is here. 

And I've been reviewing... life. 

I'm feeling the need for change. 

Is that you Autumn?

Once upon a time, the fall in the temperature, the browning leaves, the cool change would have made me sad.  Summer is over. 

But I'm ready for you, Autumn. 

As your leaves begin to fall, showing me the cracks. I won't look away, I'm ready to see.

I need your honesty, your critical eye. 

I'm ready to release.  Just like the trees. I'm ready to shed. It's been a long Summer and I'm tired. 

I'm ready for change. 

I'm ready for you, Autumn. 

Is anyone else feeling this need for change? With the New Moon in Leo and the last of the eclipses I've felt myself more drawn lately to wearing my greens and my browns.  I've brought out my full length pyjamas. I've started to heat my food again. The vegetables are being cooked. Salads, no more. 

As I write this, I'm moving into my inner Autumn. I feel my hormones changing and helpfully the weather has synced up for me too.  My inner season is mirroring my outer season.  I love it when that happens! 

This soft & welcome transition between the seasons feels like FLOW to me. Flowing with our inner & outer seasons. Flowing with ever-changing nature, as well as our inevitable changing nature. 

For my London gang, this is a great time to mention our new FLOW Series. Each month, my friend Ange Severo & I will be holding a 2 hour workshop in London - think yoga, meditation, coaching, astrology, a high vibe community - to connect your body, mind & soul with the energy of the outer season. Our first event is on Saturday 22 September. Come join us! Find out more here.