Leticia Ringebetrayal, fear, love

How to deal with feeling betrayed

Leticia Ringebetrayal, fear, love
How to deal with feeling betrayed

The other day I had a situation where someone seemingly “betrayed” me. 


My initial instinct was to wonder what this meant about me.  Was I too trusting? What had I done to put myself in this situation? Quickly, my fear-based thinking took over, leaving me feeling hurt & betrayed. 


So I took out my journal, connected to my heart & asked my higher-self: How can I view this situation through eyes of love? 


Rise above the problem and be at the level of the solution, I heard.


Practice the principle of unconditional love and your relationship need not be tainted at all. 


You control what you choose to put out and what you choose to receive.


You can choose to feel betrayed or you can choose to have compassion and send this person unconditional love, continuing always to make the first move, in the dance of trust.


I asked: Wouldn't I seem like a fool always trusting regardless of others actions? 


This thinking keeps you at the level of the problem.  You are disempowering yourself.  


Viewing yourself and the world through eyes of love allows you to rise above the problem. 


Concentrate on putting out and receiving unconditional love.  That is all. 


Ahhhhh…. and so it is.  Perhaps, I ought to focus on how I am betraying myself instead. 


Can you see the power & freedom of viewing the world through the lens of unconditional love?


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