Business Is A Spiritual Practice

What I love most about helping my clients to create a business they love, is that they get to use their business as a structure to connect deeper with themselves and their truth + purpose.

business is a spiritual practice.

I myself had no idea when I started working on my business in early 2017 that business could be a spiritual practice.

As a prior lawyer, who spent 10 years in the corporate world, I knew I wanted my work to be something that felt meaningful to me and also that accorded with my values.

In the corporate world, I often found my morals and values challenged. This was hard for me because I felt an incongruence between who I am and the person I needed to be (or who I thought I needed to be) to keep my job.

I felt like I put on a costume each day and started my new acting role. And when I left for the day I got to take off that mask and ease back into my real life. The only problem was the acting was so exhausting.

This incongruence is something many of my clients also feel when they start working with me.

It’s no wonder than that while you might be drawn to starting a business, that you are also scared that you might re-create that same sense of incongruence in your new business.

Not with me!

Business is an opportunity to connect more deeply with our ever-evolving truth + purpose. Business provides you with the structure to get to know who you really are and offer that beauty to the world.

For me the goal is to create a business that literally feels like an extension of your soul. Check out my 5 tips below for creating a business that feels like an extension of your soul!

5 TIPS FOR bringing the soul into your business

  1. Lead from from your heart ❣.

    This requires that we give up some of the mind’s control (or a lot!) that will be fixated on outcomes that aren’t really meaningful to us. Many of us might think at first that we want more money, more clients, less hours, more travel - but what does the heart actually want?

    If we fail to lead from the heart in our business, we will not find the alignment we are searching for. Never ask your mind - what does success look like to me? This will lead you to pursuing what you think is success, rather than what actually feels like success for you.

    For me, success feels like alignment. So when I feel good in my business, when I feel the congruence in what I do, when business feels like an extension of my soul - I know I’m leading from the heart and this connects me to my purpose!

  2. Be clear on what your values are.

    I was crystal clear when I started my business that I wanted to create a business that would allow me the freedom, fun + fulfilment I desired!⁣ I did not want to return to another hustle + grind environment like the career I was leaving behind as a lawyer.

    This was great intel! These values have guided me every step of the way. Rather than trying to guess what would give me the freedom, fun + fulfilment I desire - I can tune in regularly and ask myself: Am I having fun? Do I feel free? Do I feel fulfilled?

    Allowing my core values to guide me keeps me connected to my purpose + creates a business that works for me, rather than me working for my business.

  3. connect to your full creative power

    Now you know I’m all about balancing your masculine + feminine energy to crush it in your life + business. This is because it’s through using both our masculine + feminine superpowers that we are able to tap into our full creative power!

    ⁣Since leaving my career as a lawyer, I’ve reconnected to my creativity, intuition, ability to rest, receive + surrender and my beautiful cyclical wisdom to create my dream business.

    Your ability to manifest + co-create with the universe requires you to be able to receive and get to work bringing those ideas to life.

    Use your business to re-connect with your beautiful masculine + feminine superpowers so that you can start feeling the full power of your creative potential!

  4. Understand that you are the gift of your business.

    The biggest gift you can offer in your business is YOU.

    We all have unique gifts to share with the world and you can totally craft a way to serve that feels in total alignment with who you are + the people you want to serve. ⁣

    The key is to understand that you are the gift of your business. The aim is to become more of who you really are. Use your business to discover that authenticity. To discover who you really are. And to express that truth to the world.

    If you make one of your business goals to find out more about who you are, your business will go next level!

  5. Devotion.

    It all starts with just one step. It doesn’t need to be anything HUGE. It just needs to be a step in the right direction… and then another one, and another and another one. ⁣⁣⁣This is what devotion (+ faith!) is all about.

    When I started my business, I thought I needed to put EVERYTHING else in my life on hold first. In real life, I just needed to make one small step in the right direction… and keep making them!

    Show that you believe in you, by showing up for your business with faith and devotion.

And there you go! There are 5 tips for bringing the soul into your business.

⁣If you’ve been dreaming about starting a business, know that the perfect time is now. You were born ready. IT’S TIME TO MAKE YOUR DIFFERENCE + THRIVE!

If you’d like to learn more about creating a business with soul, come join my free 3 day training taking place this week! It’s called the Soul-FULL Business Challenge - you can register here. Looking forward to meeting you there!

Lots of love,


Photo above by Jennifer Moyes.


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