Creativity: Beginning the Dance

Are you dancing with Creativity or resisting your creative birthright?

I don't know about you reading this now, but when I used to think about creativity, I just thought it... didn't apply to me.  "I'm just not creative", I often said

I believed there were 2 types of people - those who were creative and those who weren't. And I know I wasn't alone with this thinking. 

The past 4 years for me, however, has been marked by a reawakening to my creative birthright.  To my right to dance with Creativity.

And here She is. 

We are all creative instruments. 

Let's start there.  Let that sink in for a moment. No matter who you are reading this right now, whether you have a resume full of creative projects or not, whether or not you enjoyed creative outlets as a child, or whether when you think of creativity now it's something that lights up your soul or simply makes you shrug your shoulders - we are all creative!

And we are all creative instruments. The instrument is key. Because we don't own creativity.  It's not something that is ours.  It's something that we receive - it is a feminine energy

We don't do creativity.  We receive it. 

We respond and then we choose to dance with it... or not.  

Those we see as "creative" have just ALLOWED the dance to unfold. They have overcome resistance and surrendered to the flow of the music. 

A beautiful dance of surrender.  

See yourself as Creativity's partner.  There's no trying.  There's only the choice to enter the dance and be moved. To flow. 

Will you dance with Creativity or not?

The only question we have when it comes to creativity is: Will you dance with Creativity or not?

Recently, I've been taking Swing dancing classes with my fiance and so, I am learning how to be a good "follower". He has agreed to take the role of the lead and I've agree to play the role of the follower. 

Now I know there is a lot of negative connotations with "following", especially for women - we are sick of being the follower, we want our independence! We all want to be the lead. 

However, without a follower there is no dance.  Just as without an instrument there is no creativity. 

The role of the follower, which historically has been the female (hence our resistance as women and difficulty to understand as men) is an exercise of feminine energy.

The art of surrender. Of allowing. Of receiving.

The role of the follower in the dance is crucial.  As soon as they move into controlling, the dance is ruined.  The lead cannot lead, if the partner does not allow the lead to lead.

The follower gets to receive the experience of dance.  And as the dance unfolds we begin to understand, perhaps for the first time, one of the great paradoxes in life - the power of the passive. The power of feminine energy.

When we relinquish control we gain control

The choice to surrender, to allow, to receive, to follow is for many of us a more difficult decision than the choice to act, to lead, to do. 

Surrender, allowing, receiving are all examples of feminine energy (which we all have access to regardless of gender). If you want to find out more about masculine and feminine energy - please check out my recent podcast episode on this topic here

Surrender, just like following, involves trust.  

We must trust our partner.  Allow them to lead so that we can be swept up into the dance, into the music - into creation. 

It's the moment when 2 people work together, they collaborate - they create. 

And we dance! And it's a wondrous experience. We flow. I am supported. Carried. We create magic!

Think of this in the same way when you think of creativity. There is no choice to be creative, there is the just the decision to follow & to trust the muse, the idea, the inspiration, the curiosity. To receive the dance. 

Creativity is your birthright. 

Allow yourself to dance with Creativity. It's already there.  Creativity is your birthright! 

Receive the download.  Stop controlling. Stop wasting your energy deciding whether the idea is good enough. Whether you are good enough.  Whether it's THE one. 

Trust, it's the one because you are aware of it. It's come into your vortex. Now it's time to accept the dance. 

Say YES to Her! Say yes to your feminine essence. 

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