How to help your clients say yes to your services

How to help your clients say yes to your services

Coaches + healers! This post is for you! Did you know that saying YES! to coaching/healing is an EMPOWERED step to take?! Think about it - no one signs up to work on their own health & development unless they feel empowered… or perhaps, hugely inspired after a personal rock bottom (been there!!)

It’s our job as coaches & healers to ensure we support our clients in making INFORMED and EMPOWERED decisions when it comes to supporting their personal growth. 

I remember the first time I said yes to coaching. 

It was in 2017 - at that time I had been on my own personal development journey & was about to launch my blog sharing the tools that had changed my life. 

 Life coach training was something I was considering, so I thought I had better work with a life coach! Even though I thought I was empowered at the time, I still found it very difficult to spend money on my own personal development. I felt guilty for doing that! 

I needed that initial call with my coach to help me get the confidence to take that empowered decision. And I did!! 

Today I work with a coach most of the time. In fact, apart from travel + food, I choose to invest most of my money back into my own personal growth. Why? 

Because I KNOW the pay off is huge!! This is why clients need us to inform them with stories about our clients transformations, how our services can help them, content on the problem we are helping to solve & by offering a free call before they sign up where appropriate. 

It’s an opportunity for our clients to get informed (so they can make the best decision for them), to feel confident & ease their concerns (we all have a mind after all!). 

See it as your duty to help your community make informed decisions about whether your product or service is right for them. It doesn’t matter if they don’t buy -  but it does matter that you give them the tools to make that informed decision.