5 Ways to Ignite Your Feminine Energy Today

Feminine Energy represents one half of our creative power - yet it can be a challenge to understand what it even is!

That’s it’s nature after all - it’s subjective, fluid, transient… and an added challenge is - we are using our MIND (masculine energy) to interpret this beautiful + important source of energy! 

So today in THIS video I’m demystifying all things feminine energy! I’m explaining:

* what feminine energy actually is vs “feminine”

* why it’s so vital to your creativity (and creating ANYTHING + EVERYTHING in life!)

* ways to know when your feminine energy is OUT of balance 

* what healthy expressions of your feminine energy look 

* 5 ways to start igniting your feminine energy TODAY! 

Once you learn how to use this beautiful energy, you’ll feel more alignment & ease in your life, experience more productivity + fulfilment and be creating like the powerhouse you truly are! Enjoy! 

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