What Makes A Great Friend

Do you ever think about what makes a great friend? I think about this often, especially when you move around a lot! 

For me a great friend is comprised of the following:

  1. A genuine interest in you & your life shown through the asking of questions

    Questions like: How are you? How is your work going? How are you feeling? What is going on in your life? What are you loving at the moment?

    This is usually followed up with continued asking of questions that show you are listening & care. As coaches we call this ACTIVE LISTENING. 

  2. Makes the time & space to spend time with you.

    This might be in person or over one of the technological devices we have access to.  Regardless of the distance, you can always make a friendship work by keeping in touch & creating time to connect. And as my primary love language is quality time, this is my FAVOURITE way to show someone I care. If  I make the time to see or spend time with you - it’s because I care deeply about you. 

  3. By the same token, someone who no matter how much time passes when you see them treats you like no time has passed at all!

    Except for the asking of questions of course! Don’t you love friendships like these?! There might be a little warming up needed initially, but then it’s just like old times!

  4. Believes in you & holds space for your big-ness.

    We’ve all been there before - having friends who get jealous of our success or perhaps it’s vice versa. The only friends to have are the ones who celebrate your success AND believe in you even when things aren’t going “so well”. 

  5. Shows up authentic & open-hearted.

    We can only make that authentic, open-hearted connection when we ourselves show up authentically and share our love! This brings me to the most crucial element of all in a friendship and that is TRUST. Authenticity and the courage to show up open hearted requires trust. This is something that is earned to some degree, but also requires you to take a chance. For me, I prefer to give my trust right from the beginning, unless proven otherwise. But don’t look for it!! Look for examples of trust and that will ease you into an authentic, open-hearted friendship! 

There you go my friends! I’d love to know what your top 5 qualities are in a friendship!