Start Your Heart-Centred Business Today

Start Your Heart-Centred Business Today

When we want to start a business (or any other passion project for that matter!), getting started can be the hardest part.

But once you get started…. things get a whole lot easier!

Why? We have momentum.

I should know!

I knew a whole 2 years before I started my business… that I wanted to start my own business.

Doing what exactly, I wasn’t sure…

But I was certain entrepreneurship was my destiny!

Despite this, I kept stopping myself from taking any real action.

I spent one of those 2 years exploring my interests and then, once I knew what I wanted to create, I spent that next year making all sorts of excuses about why now wasn’t the right time, including needing to learn more.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry you aren’t alone!

This is the same sort of story I hear from my clients and many of the people I come into contact with day to day.

Stories of their heart longing for a business, knowing it’s what they are here to do, being so inspired by other entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, influencers - feeling like the smorgasbord of personal development, yoga + health and wellness is the coolest thing in the world… longing for more freedom, fun + alignment… and creativity.

And yet - no matter how much they want this. No matter how much they want to follow their heart, their joy, their interests… something just keeps stopping them.

Why I couldn’t get started (and probably you too!)

The truth is, I was scared. I was scared about not being good enough.

I was scared of failing.

I was scared of what my friends, family and colleagues would think of me.

I was scared of being happy.

I was scared of freedom.

I was scared of responsibility.

I was scared of not starting and I was scared of starting.

I was scared of my own success.

The thing is, this is the same fear we can all tap into, the universal mind. But what about where your heart is leading you?

Eventually I got started.

Fast forward almost 2 years later and I created this beautiful, heart-centred business that lights up my soul and allows me to design a lifestyle that energises, empowers & excites me as a woman.

I get to help people create more happiness, health + fulfilment in their life.

I get to help people find & show up for the work they love and create their heart-centred business too.

A business that makes a difference. A business that makes me proud.

And once I got started things shifted - it became harder for me to stop! Now I need to enforce times of not working on my business into my life, haha. I can’t get enough!

Momentum is the antidote to fear.

If you are afraid like me, what you need to do is get started. Once we get ourselves into momentum things get a whole lot easier. I promise!

So, what got me started??

Today I’m sharing the 5 tools that helped ME FIND momentum and start creating my HEART-CENTRED business.

  1. Admit to yourself that you want to have a business.

    Before I took the leap from my 9-5, I knew 100% I wanted to work for myself BUT I wasn’t ready to admit that to anyone… not even myself.

    When we don’t own our desires we block opportunities to support us from coming into our life. Advice on how to set up my business? No, thanks!

    What if someone you know right now could help you get started?

    When we own our desires we become magnetic manifesting mavens (check out my recent article on this topic)! This is because not only are we focussed on what we want (so we see it when it arrives), other people are also able to support us (feminine energy!!).

    If you’re having trouble getting started, start here first - own your desires. Admit to yourself that you want to start a business and then if you’re feeling extra brave start telling some of the people you trust in your life.

  2. Ask yourself: What would I do if I had no fear?

    This was THE question for me. I still remember exactly where I was when my fiance asked me this question.

    I had just told my boss I wanted to start my own business and work in personal development. Surprisingly to me not only had it worked out okay, I was also offered another job opportunity! One that would allow me to work in the same company within personal development and work on my business.

    Still something didn’t feel quite right. It felt like I was delaying the inevitable.

    So I met Llew for a cup of tea that day. Nestled in the corner of a cosy Paul in Bow Lane in London’s CBD. Both suited up, he asked me the question that changed the course of my life. “What would you do if you had no fear?”

    I’d follow my heart of course! I knew in that moment that the right next step for me was to not accept the offer and go ahead creating my business.

    Life has a way of catching you, when you’re following your heart. Doesn’t mean it still isn’t scary - but now I can’t imagine living life any other way.

    Ask yourself: what would you do if you had no fear?


    When you know you want to start a business, it can seem SO daunting trying to think how on earth you will make enough money to replace your current income stream.

    My advice.. take it one step at a time and do what works for you.

    Many people do slow and gradual transitions between their 9-5 to full time business and it means they place less pressure on their passion.

    Others (like me), need a fire under their ass to even take their first step. Haha! Which means, jumping in head first might be what works for you. When I decided to go all in, I knew if I needed to find a job to help support me then that is what I would do.

    Do what works for you. Just get started.

  4. Break down what you need to do into manageable chunks.

    There is a lot to starting a business, so it can be easy to feel like how am I meant to do all of this? Start a website, social media, figure out my niche, create a product or service, calendars, online courses, podcasts, youtube, PR, blogs, content etc etc etc.

    Break it down baby!

    This is one of my favourite things to do.

    Take a huge task and work out what the necessary steps are to get it done. And then break it down some more!

    Then ask yourself: What is my next inspired step?

    And then if you’re feeling extra fancy, use your menstrual cycle to allocate those tasks during the phases of your cycle best suited. Want to learn more? You would love my online online course, Embrace Your Feminine Essence.

    Then it’s just about taking one step at a time. Everything is easier when we break it down!

  5. Be careful of where you get advice.

    Before I left my job to start my heart-centred business, I got a lot of advice from people about how difficult it would be to create a financially successful coaching business.

    And how many of these people do you think had created a successful coaching business? Zilch!

    Yep, peeps like to dish out advice especially when it’s something they have no direct experience in. It’s the fear talking.

    Do not take advice from people who have not been successful in what you are doing. And especially not people who have zero direct experience !

    Check who is giving the advice. Have they been successful in what you want to do? If not, take it with a grain of salt!

There we go my beautiful friend!!

These are my top 5 tools for getting started in your heart-centred business.

Want more? I’m putting together a special 3 day training for you in February to deliver my unique 3 part framework for starting a heart-centred business. The training will be happening over in the Make A Difference Soul Tribe. You can register here. Feel free to invite any of your friends who you think might be interested!

Lots of love,