My Beautiful Business Systems

Today I’m spilling the beans on all the different systems that support the day to day running of my business! I know how frustrating it can be to figure out what systems you need in place for even the most seemingly simple process, SO I thought today I’d pay it forward by sharing what I’m using to run my business.

Please know that before starting my business I was not tech savvy at all. Each system I have learned simply through the process of trying + patience and ta da! Another system supporting my business needs!

So, grab yourself a cup of tea + hold tight we are in for a ride!!!

the systems i use to run my coaching practice:

  1. This website is built, hosted + maintained on Squarespace. Squarespace is like an all in for websites, making it much more simple for people like me who came into business without any snazzy tech skills.

    Other website platforms require separate integrations to host your website’s domain + to create the features you will need on your website. Not Squarespace - they now even have their own email campaign service. Find out about what it takes to set up a business in more detail here (as well as what you need to consider when selecting a website provider).

  2. All my newsletters + email campaigns are sent via Mailchimp.

    This means I can easily design my emails to suit my branding, the time I want to send the email and send specific emails out to either the people who sign up for my newsletter or who are members of my coaching programs, events, trainings or courses.

    It’s also a free service if you have under 5,000 subscribers, which is very appealing when getting started in your business.

  3. I store my courses, online programs, trainings + workshops on my online course provider, Podia. Um - I love Podia!

    I did TONS of research on the best online course platform before deciding on Podia and I was blown away with their amazing customer service, training, resources + features.

    Their platform is similar to Teachable but I much prefer the way they price and integrate payment providers. I’m now a proud affiliate partner for Podia which is something else I like about the platform - you can earn a commission for your referrals. I always think this is an important feature as word of mouth should not be undervalued!

    Check them out and if you decide to use them too, use my referral link to pay it forward!

  4. Speaking of payment providers - I process most of my payments through Stripe! I love Stripe because it’s so user friendly.

    For me being based in the UK, they were also the cheapest option in terms of processing fees for my international client base. The only set back is you don’t receive the funds immediately to your linked bank account - but this hasn’t been a problem for me.

    For anything Stripe can’t do I use Paypal.

  5. To schedule in my coaching clients, podcast interviews + any other appointments, I use Acuity.

    My clients get a special link when they sign up for my coaching programs which gives them access to my calendar to book in their sessions. You can also set up client in-take forms, subscriptions + packages which come in handy for easy payment + session reminders. And they have an affiliate program! Yes!

    If you’d like to sign up or check them out - you use my referral link to help me out and say thank you.

  6. I hold my coaching calls + webinars on Zoom. I love Zoom, the platform is so easy to use, great quality + a simple set up process for your meeting attendees. Zoom is a video conferencing facility which allows you to host meetings with 1 to 100 participants.

  7. For podcast interviews, I use Skype with an E-Camm Recorder integration for recording. This allows me to record each track separately which is extremely helpful when it comes to editing and cleaning up audio for the podcast. Noise on one person’s end while the other is speaking? Delete!

  8. For editing + mixing my podcast, I use the trusty Mac software, Garageband. It’s simple to use and has everything you need! Free download if you have a Mac too.

  9. To host my podcast I use Soundcloud. This means my website doesn’t host all of the audio tracks which is helpful for bandwidth.

    Although I know plenty of people who do host on Squarespace and they haven’t run into any trouble - it really depends on how many episodes you plan on doing.

  10. To host my videos, I use Youtube. Again this means my website doesn’t host all my videos which is also helpful for bandwidth. With short attention spans these days, we can’t afford for our websites to be slow! Youtube is free so this is also a bonus!

  11. I use Canva for all my graphic design - creating workbooks, images for social and everything graphic related and Unsplash for all my stock images - they have beautiful FREE, high resoluton, easy to download photos that also give you the details of the photographer so you can credit them.

  12. For music for my courses, guided meditations + podcast I used to use Audioblocks, but now I just use select artists on Soundcloud with a copyright policy that allows me to use their music for free (make sure you understand their terms) or I buy select tracks.

Now, what about non-tech systems? The structure-less needs structure!


  1. I see all my coaching clients once a fortnight. This leaves every other week for content creation + other projects.

  2. I make sure my calendar is built around my menstrual cycle (check out my earlier post on how I use my menstrual cycle in my business here) so that I’m not coaching during the heaviest/lowest energy days of my cycle and I make the most of my peak Summer energy.

  3. I have regular office hours for my coaching calls - on Tuesdays I work a little later and on Thursdays I work a little earlier. This allows me to cater for my clients in the USA and Australia and clients who can only meet after work while still respecting my own boundaries of having a personal life too.

  4. I only coach on Tuesday - Thursday (other than for my group mentorship program, Activated). I sometimes take Mondays off and Fridays I generally use for admin and finances.

  5. I have regular times that I use each day for social media + coaching related tasks + otherwise the rest of my time is free to use as it flows! It’s important to have boundaries around social media + communication with all the people you serve, because otherwise you will spend the whole time communicating, rather than creating! And we need to create space for both!

There you have it!! This is a comprehensive list of all the different systems I use to run my biz!

While I often wish I could just do everything using 1 platform - it’s usually easy enough to integrate the systems and I quite enjoy working out a new system each time.

I like to remind myself that all of this structure is important for bringing my ideas into form + that this structure allows me the freedom I get to experience in living + working as a creator. The ultimate freedom of all!

My advice for when you are starting out is to start with the basics and as you find you need something new in your business along the way, deal with the integration then.

And always choose the easiest + most fun option for you!


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Happy business creating!!

Lots of love,



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