Human Design x Purpose: What Your Human Design Type Can Tell You

What’s your human design type?! Human design is a system that tells you what your soul’s blueprint was for you before you were even born!

By learning your human design type you can tune into what your unique gifts are, how your energy is designed to work & what your purpose in the world truly is.

Watch today’s video to learn about the 5 different human design energy types and what they can tell you about your purpose in the world! 

Manifestors, Projectors, Generators + Manifesting Generators and Reflectors…. We all designed to operate and contribute to the world differently. Learning what your human design type usually feels like a breath of sweet relief. And you feel you have permission to show up in the world in your most authentic state. 

As I explain in today’s video, learning about the different human design energy types has made HUGE changes in the way I approach my life + business.  It’s also helped me to understand the people in my life - my friends, clients, family - EVERYONE. We aren’t all designed to operate and contribute in the same ways.

When my clients start working with me we always look at what their human design type is and I use this information to understand more about the best way to support them in creating a life + business that feels oh so beautiful!


Ready to dive in deeper?

Here are 2 episodes I did on the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast all about human design…