I Get What I Want: Manifestation & the Law of Attraction

I Get What I Want: Manifestation & the Law of Attraction

It was 7 years ago when I first learned about the law of attraction. 

I had just watched The Secret and I couldn’t believe my ears!

If I simply think about all the things I want, I can use my mind to create them?  


This discovery left me feeling inspired, empowered and ready to create all that I wanted. I felt invincible.

And there began my journey of conscious creation. You know … Manifesting?

Morning and evening while I showered, I would think about all that I wanted to create in my life. Not only would I think about it, I would visualise and feel it.  I would experience the presence of what I wanted in my life in that very moment.

First, I began with my body.  I wanted to lose weight.  So every day I would imagine myself at my goal weight.  I would think about it, I would feel it, I would taste it! And for a minute or so I would be my in my new body.  

Then as I exited my shower, I would simply carry on with my day.

Of course, this didn't mean that I simply did nothing in terms of improving my diet and exercising.  As opportunities presented themselves to support the vision I had for myself, I noticed and took them up with excitement. 

The people around me started to offer to exercise with me, to train me, to support me. 

And quickly the weight began to fall off and I was looking better than ever before.

Awesome! As I started to see results, naturally I grew even more confident.

Next, it was a partner.  But no, not just any partner – I wanted a long term, committed, genuine, loving and caring partner.  My life partner.  My partner in life.

On the advice of my dear mother, I upped the ante with this one – diving deep into an e-course that helped me to identify & remove my blocks to the relationship I truly wanted and start creating a new vision for myself.  I didn't know just how lucky I was to take this course at the time, as it was with the one & only Gay & Katie Hendricks (ever read the Big Leap anyone?!)

Each day I set aside time to go through the various stages of internal reflection and feel the presence of this new relationship in my life.  I would go to bed every single night visualising my partner, his presence and repeating that my soul mate was on his way.  And I believed it and took great comfort in this fact.  My commitment and trust in the process was impenetrable.

Again, I didn't hide in my room at home expecting to find the one.  I got myself out and about, wondering with excitement when I would meet... him.   

On New Years Eve in 2011, just a couple of months later, I told my friends with great confidence that “my soul mate is about to come into my life and I am ready”.  Sure enough just 12 days later on the 12th January I met him. 

Crazy! I am a manifesting master! 

And then after getting all the things I wanted most at the time, instead of continuing on my journey of conscious creation, I fell off the manifestation bandwagon. Thinking maintaining the status quo was all that I wanted.  Little did I know that even that still requires conscious creation. 

And so, as I fell asleep at the wheel of my life – I started to manifest things that I didn’t really want.  Worry became my new state of mind and sure enough what I would worry about would eventually come true.

I walked around my life on eggshells, wondering why these experiences were happening to me.  I had forgotten about my manifestation powers altogether!

But I was in a rut and I knew it and so I began to ask myself again:

What life did I want now?

About a year into my journey of re-discovery my number 1 virtual mentor at the time, Jess Lively started talking about the law of attraction and the incredible results she was having on her podcast, The Lively Show.  I couldn’t believe my ears. 

I still remember exactly where I was, standing in NYC on the subway listening to her episode about “things I’m afraid to tell you”.  My skin tingled – I knew life as I knew it was about to change.  

And so it did. 

Within a couple of weeks, I signed up for Jess’s first intake of her brand new course, Flow With Intention where she explains the Law of Attraction through both a scientific and quantum perspective.

2 months later, I had left my corporate job and within another 3 months launched my own health, wellness & lifestyle brand. 

And the direction of my life as I know it had changed remarkably.

And it was all because of the law of attraction.

Repeat after me: I get what I want.

There’s a lot to understand with the law of attraction, but here’s something you can implement right away to get you started:

Instead of spending your time worrying about all the things that could go wrong, why not ask yourself this simple question:

Wouldn’t it be awesome if [insert what you want to happen]?

Try this simple technique and see how you shift the course of your day! And if you do give it a whirl, let me know what you observe in the comments below.

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Either way you are awesome and please know you too have the power to create the life you truly want.

Big love,