Using the Menstrual Cycle for Your Business!

Today I’m sharing how you can use your menstrual cycle in your business to enhance your success, creativity & fulfilment to embrace your masculine + feminine superpowers!

First a quick recap…

WHAT are our masculine + feminine superpowers?

Our masculine and feminine superpowers are also known as our masculine + feminine energy, energy that we all have access to regardless of our gender. Just like the yin and yang, these 2 energies while operating separately are actually interdependent, working to function as a whole.

When we talk about masculine energy we are talking about the function of the mind - things like logic, reason, our ability to analyse and take action. It’s all about the practical.

Feminine energy includes things like intuition, rest + relaxation, receptivity, emotional intelligence, connection and our ability to be. Feminine energy is heart led, it’s magical and subjective.

Combined we have our perfect, powerhouse system for creativity!


We often think of the menstrual cycle as the system allowing us to create a baby. However, this system is designed for us to CREATE in general. Including a business, a book, a project, ANYTHING. And this system is so perfect - women are naturally designed to use it.

The menstrual cycle provides a beautiful structure for working with and integrating both our masculine + feminine energy and it’s a wonderful system to use in your business to give your creativity and creations (including your business) some much needed structure.

Even better this is a system you can use whether you are menstruating or not and even whether you are a woman or not!

Let me explain the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle so you can see the different interplay of masculine + feminine energy and how you too could use this structure in your own life + business.

The 4 Phases of the Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle has 4 different phases - each with their own distinct energy. They are:


This is when if you are currently experiencing a menstrual cycle you will experience menstruation (the bleed).

During this time, both sides of the brain are communicating in beautiful harmony and we have heightened intuition.

Our energy is also low so we naturally crave more rest, relaxation and surrender - the perfect environment to hear from your inner voice!

This phase is a fabulous time for making decisions (particularly those big + important ones) because of this beautiful communication + connection. See how your physical symptoms support these functions?


Typically this is when we are in the follicular phase of our cycle. This is when we are also re-emerging into the world. Our energy is building and we want to start taking action. We’ve just come from a phase of surrender after all!

During this phase, we will be closely connected with our masculine energy - the focus, linear, logical, analytical.

Which means it’s a great time for getting things done and making some of those more administrative decisions that need a practical mind.


This is the part of the menstrual cycle when ovulation usually occurs.

Our energy peaks to its highest of the cycle. Our emotional intelligence is strong and we will be our most extroverted of the cycle - making it the perfect time for being out and about and connecting with the world.

With this increased energy our bodies can handle all this social interaction and we want to use our voice and share our ideas with the world.

This is the time when we feel like a superwoman! But don’t forget we can only feel this way because of the rest of cycle which sets us up for this peak moment of glory.


Usually we associate this phase with PMS. This is when we are deep in our luteal phase and at this time our hormones are fluctuating and our emotions are front and centre!

Many will view these heightened emotions as negative and potentially even try to suppress them because of old pre-conditioning. However, this information we are receiving is GOLD.

To achieve alignment in our life we must know what brings us into alignment and out of alignment. Emotions are the way we work this out! They are wonderful pieces of information - “good” or “bad”. They just are! And this beautiful sensitivity allows us to refine our lives and creations so that they are in alignment with the way we truly want to feel.

And voila!

These are the 4 phases of our BEAUTIFUL, EXQUISITE + MAGNIFICENT menstrual cycle - each phase with’s its own unique interplay of masculine + feminine energy.

Of course there is so much more to learn on this - if you want to go deeper I invite you to check out my online course, Embrace Your Feminine Essence.

Keep reading to find out how you can apply these 4 different phases in your beautiful business!


  1. During your Winter phase, you want to use your heightened intuition to guide you on where to go next.

    For this reason, this is the time in my cycle I make all my big, important life decisions.

    Remember, it is always the intention behind what we do that is most important. What we put in (intention) is what we will bring to life. Just like a crystal that holds our intentions, it is the intention not the crystal that is most important.

    Which means this phase of the cycle is FUNDAMENTAL for our business success. It’s the time to journal, to create space in your life, to dream, plan and receive the inspiration that is coming through.

    Try asking yourself: Where will I go next? What will I create this month?

  2. During your Spring phase, this is a time to get to work.

    After allowing yourself the space to rest, dream and plan for the cycle ahead, now it’s time to look at your to-do list and start getting to work bringing your ideas to life.

    This is when I love a to-do list, so I can keep my head down and enjoy taking action bringing my ideas into form.

    I’m much better at making quick decisions too - so this is a great time to be moving forward on the early stages of projects (for e.g. preparing everything I need for my upcoming group coaching program or an event or even making a new hire in my business). 

    Try using this phase to take focused action to bring to life your ideas from your inner Winter.

  3. During your Summer phase, this is a time to use your super woman energy to communicate your ideas.

    If you have workshops, networking events, launches or important pitches - this is the time to do it! Because your energy is magnetic, you want to be connecting and sharing your voice at this time.

    Get yourself out and about in your business and sharing more about what it is you do and how people can work with you. Your business will love you for it!

    You have a voice and now is the time to use it to communicate to your ideal clients and community.

    Try scheduling any group events for your business during this phase.

  4. During your Autumn phase, this is an important phase for data collection.

    Take note what is and isn’t working for you in your business. I like to schedule a review during this time to start taking notes! Then I’ll leave it to my Winter phase to make any final decisions.

    Last month, this was the time I realised I needed better support in my business (which led me to deciding to hire a VA who is excitingly coming on board this week!) and to let go of some aspects of my business that were not feeling good anymore.

    This refining energy is a fundamental part of the overall creative cycle and when we work with the menstrual cycle in our biz we make sure not to overlook it.

    Try asking yourself: What needs to be refined? What isn’t feeling good anymore?

And there you have it! 4 steps you can take right away in your business to start working with your menstrual cycle.

Understanding this system and implementing it into my life + business has given me way more energy, the ability to create in a sustainable way and to produce at a much higher level. My business loves me for it! And I love me for it! And it’s all because I am using the full spectrum of amazing superpowers available to me.

Now why don’t you try it? Let me know in the comments below how you go trying this beautiful framework out.

I use this system to work with all my coaching clients, it’s a fundamental basis to my coaching framework. If this resonates with you and you’re feeling super excited to learn more and start implementing in your life and business, you might like to learn more in my online course, Embrace Your Feminine Essence.

I will also be exploring this more in an upcoming training I am running on how to create a business using your masculine + feminine energy and menstrual cycle. For more details, sign up for my newsletter below.

Lots of love,



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