My Favourite Moon Rituals

Since discovering Dr Ezzie Spencer's work on the Moon cycle and how to work with the different Yin and Yang energy of each of its 8 phases, I have become increasingly fascinated by and connected with the Moon.

So much so, that I now mark every New Moon and Full Moon on my calendar, am aware of where I am in relation to the Moon's 8 phases and track my very own feminine cycle against the Moon's cycle. 

I have been able to tap into my own flow & my natural body rhythms and to understand, become aware of and harness the power of each of the distinct seasons of my own cycle.   

And I have been able to connect to myself, our Earth and our Universe in a way that has made me feel, see and believe that WE ARE ALL ONE.  We are all connected.

In a word, I have found this knowledge to be: LIBERATING. 

From where I am sitting today, it all seems so obvious to me that the energy of the Universe and the Cosmos must affect each and every one of us, just like the energy of people around us does. 

And as I stare up into that big shining beacon of light around the time of the Full Moon, I wonder how I could ever have been so disconnected from that beautiful energy.  

But alas, today's post is not intended to be a never ending diatribe about my love for the Moon.  What I intend rather is to share this beautiful gift, this tool including some resources and my current Moon Rituals for anyone who might like to explore working with the Moon so that you might connect with and understand it's power too.  


The Moon's cycle runs for approximately 29.5 days and throughout this cycle there are 8 distinct Moon phases.   Each phase carries with it either a Yin or a Yang energy.  The masculine and the feminine. 

Now we are not talking about gender here at all, we are talking about energy and every single one of us, regardless of gender is too made up of each of these energies. 

The Yang marks a period of action and giving, which is a followed by a period of rest and receiving, the Yin energy.  And this my friends is your energetic exchange - necessary for creation, manifestation and abundance.  Each as important as the other.


If you haven't worked with the Moon before, I encourage you to dip your toes in by first becoming aware of the 8 Moon phases. 

To do this, I recommend downloading Dr Ezzie Spencer's Lunar Planner - this is a free document that she generously gifts which details each of the phases that the Moon is in for every day of the year.  This document also includes Ezzie's own principles for working with each phase of the Moon cycle. 

I adore the principles Ezzie has created at Lunar Abundance and every year I download her Lunar Planner.  Her process draws completely on the energy of each phase so that in the process of manifesting and creating you are working properly with this energetic exchange using a period of inaction before and after every period of action. 

This is a sustainable approach to life. Rather than keeping ourselves on the hamsterwheel doing, doing, doing every single day.  It is so beautiful!!

manifesting + CO-CREATION

Receiving is a major piece of the puzzle when it comes to co-creation, manifestation and abundance and is often overlooked. 

Working with the Moon has allowed me to understand the cycle of manifestation and co-creation from another perspective.

Whenever we ask for something from the Universe, we must also provide something.  We are in an energetic exchange - so, what are we giving??

Tapping into the Yin and Yang energy throughout the Moon cycle is based on the same exchange. 


Working with the Moon has also allowed me to connect with my body and feminine flow in a much deeper and appreciative way.  I do not believe there is any coincidence that the Moon rotates through this 29.5 day cycle just as many of us women do (no matter how that looks for each and every one of us). 

This newfound connection caused me to completely reconsider the relationship I have had with my own period up until this point.  Sadly, menstruation for most of us is seen as something disgusting - including by many of us women.  And yet menstruation is the most natural thing in the world.  Women bleed.  So we can create... life!  

Once I started connecting with the Moon cycle I developed a new found appreciation of my own cycle and it's different phases or seasons.

Instead of hiding away from the bloating and desire to retreat at certain times of my cycle (usually during my Autumn and Winter) I could now understand and appreciate the cycle as a whole. Each phase just as important as the next and bringing with it it's very own energy.  All flowing beautifully - designed to create life!  The perfect creation process.  (More on this topic in a later post!)


Working with the Moon has made me appreciate the power of ritual. I LOVE THEM!! 


Rituals give us intention.  They provide a sacred space for what you are creating.  They are symbolic, fun and a ceremonial marker for us.  

For an amazing read about rituals and creating sacred space check out this post HERE by my friend, Anoushka Florence of The Goddess Space.  You can also check out the recent interview I did with Anoushka on the CLB Podcast HERE

I'm not sure of exactly when or why I started doing New Moon and Full Moon Rituals, but over the past 12 months I have been gradually creating rituals to celebrate the energy of both.  

The New Moon marks the beginning of the Moon cycle.   You may have noticed people talking about New Moon Intentions before.  Well, this is because setting your intentions at the beginning of the New Moon cycle is a beautiful time to start your cycle of calling in.  To start the cycle of co-creation. 

We ask ourselves: What am I calling in this Moon cycle? 

The Full Moon occurs about half way in the overall Moon cycle.  The Moon at this time is completely illuminated by the Sun and so it appears at it's largest to our eye. 

At this halfway mark, this is a beautiful time to review and reflect on the cycle so far and make any changes we need to reflect what we have learned and as Ezzie say's to "course-correct" should we need to.

Here are my 2 rituals. 

MY New Moon Ritual

1. On the day of the New Moon (or the day on either side), I begin my New Moon ritual, the beginning of the Moon cycle by setting up my sacred space.  I burn some sage or palo santo, put on some nice relaxing music, get my Moon Journal, some coloured pens and create the time and quiet space for intention setting. 

Before I begin, I usually like to do either a yoga or Kundalini session to get out of my head and connect to my body. 

2. I sit in silence in the space I have created for a few minutes, breathing in for 3-4 counts and breathing out for 3-4 counts, slowing down my brain waves and connecting to my intuition.  For a detailed discussion about intuition, check out my latest podcast interview with Jess Lively on this topic HERE

3. I ask myself: What am I calling in this New Moon cycle? 

4. Starting a new page in my Moon Journal I write down 1-5 things I want to call in over the next month.  These can be anything.  For me, they tend to be an important project I want to complete, how I want to focus my energy for the month and anything else I want to call in.  I use different coloured pens and make it pretty.  Pretty is good for our brains. 

5. I read my intentions aloud a couple of times, close my eyes and feel the presence of these intentions in my life expressing gratitude for all that will unfold.  I sit in this feeling for a few minutes, breathing slowly.  When I open my eyes I leave my sacred space knowing that everything will be taken care of in the perfect way. 

BONUS: I find this is extra special to do in some sort of ceremony with others  if you can. I started off 2018 this way and it was POWERFUL!

WANT MORE? Ashley Neese has shared a beautiful New Moon ritual which I love that you can also check out HERE

MY Full Moon Ritual

1.  On the first day of the Full Moon I like to do something involving some form of movement, usually some sort of dance - for me recently this has been attending a 5 Rhythms evening where I get to dance with 100 other people under the energy of the Full Moon. This for me is an important part of the release and renewal that this phase brings. 

2. On the day of the Full Moon, or the 1-2 days following it, I set up my sacred space burning some sage or palo santo, putting on some nice relaxing music and taking out my Moon Journal.

3. Usually, at this time, I am feeling in the mood (frustrated) to release a lot of stuff, so I begin my ritual by writing everything on my mind down.  To get all the muck out of my head.  For 15 minutes I just let it spew. 

3.  Then I like to shift the mood by taking a couple minutes of silence and deep breathing, breath in for 3-4 counts and breath out for 3-4 counts.

4.  Now I reflect on all the amazingness that has been experienced or brought in this current Moon cycle.  I take note in my Moon Journal of every single thing I have to be grateful for and appreciate, particularly as it relates to my intentions - it always amazes me how much I have to appreciate when I do this.  It's so easy to forget to celebrate or even become aware of just how much has happened when you are so focussed on the end result.  Remember it is the journey that matters and not the destination.  We always just end up wanting more anyway! 

5.  I enjoy a couple of minutes of silence sitting in this beautiful feeling of appreciation and gratitude. 

6.  Through the brain dump I did earlier, I tend to notice some patterns, something that might need to now be released or something that might need to change in my intentions.  So I spend some time writing down anything in my Moon Journal that I need to release and as I do this I feel them release from my body. 

7.  I review my list of intentions set at the beginning of the Moon cycle at the New Moon and I make any adjustments I need to those intentions so that I feel back in alignment with what is most important to me.  

8.  I sit in this stillness for a few minutes, breathing slowly.  When I open my eyes I leave my sacred space knowing that everything will be taken care of in the perfect way. 

So there it is my friends! 

I love working with the Moon and had to share this very important, incredible and for me life-changing tool with you. 

If you take away nothing else from this article, just take this: Cycle is so important - we must appreciate all phases. 

Now I want to hear from you.  Do you have your own Moon ritual? Or is this the first time you have thought about connecting to the Moon? Whoever you are, you are exactly where you need to be and I would love to hear your journey. 

Lots of love, 


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