New Moon Guided Meditation

Happy New Moon in Libra my friends!!! New Moon, New You! Haha I know some people hate the saying “new year, new me/you” but I love it!!

I love that we are always and forever literally changing & evolving. Yes, some things stay the same - but knowing that every single new year/new cycle brings with it an opportunity to grow + evolve, to me, is exciting!!

So today to celebrate our New Moon I’m teaching you all a short New Moon meditation you can use every single new moon to tap into the energy at this point of the moon cycle (i.e. the beginning!).

It’s the time we set intentions and drawn on our intuition to guide our focus for the month ahead.

If you’re not experiencing a menstrual cycle, you can also align with the cycle of the moon and consider today the first day of your inner Winter (download my Menstrual Magic Journal for more details here!).

Enjoy my friends + feel free to share with your friends!!! Working cyclically is LIFE-CHANGING!!