Purpose comes from the heart, not the mind

Purpose comes from the heart, not the mind

It was a day just like any other.... I was on my way to work and feeling sick again. My anxiety was crippling.  

In my mind, I was going through all the ways I could get out of going into the office. Wasn't the fact that I felt sick, enough?

And yet, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I had to go in. If I lost this job, there would be no other opportunities for me. I would be done for! 

In my mind, I had no options. All paths led to me being fired with no future career prospects. 

This sort of catastrophising was a normal occurrence for me.  Sometimes I still find myself repeating this old pattern. In fact, just the other week Llew stopped me as I was talking mid sentence because I had been preparing for impending doom again... This is what happens with these old patterns, they can rear their head again when you least expect it. Only this time I knew what to do with it. Delete. 

Our minds can create a whole lot of drama for us.  All in the name of protection! It's quite admirable isn't it?

In April of this year, I was reading Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth and found myself laughing aloud on the plane when I read his story about how he had witnessed someone speaking OUT LOUD horrible things about themself. He had deemed them "insane" and then moments later as he chastised himself, realised he was doing the exact same thing only he was saying those horrible things silently... in his mind. 

Everything requires balance.  Just like the mind. 

Over the past 4 years, with a whole lot of commitment & discipline, I have learned to not give my mind the amount of airplay I once did. The kind of airplay that once completely overtook my being every single day.

At that time, the pain & suffering I felt going in to work most days, left me feeling like I had no options. Today, if I experience pain & suffering like that - this tells me something needs to change. 

Our heart & our soul speaks to us through our body. Through our emotions, our physical sensations and a sense of knowing.  We just know! This is our inner wisdom.  Our intuition. 

And when we try to find a sense of purpose in our life - this is the place we are re-joining.  We are learning  to tune into our heart, rather than the mind. Well, this is what finding purpose for me is all about anyway. 

This process involves a shift to our feminine energy, our feminine essence - which we all have within us. It's just a process of re-learning. Of remembering. Of establishing & strengthening that connection again. 

The heart knows. We just have to listen.

Purpose comes from the heart, not the mind. 

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Photo above by Jennifer Moyes.