How To Start A Business: A Step by Step Guide

So you’ve been following other entrepreneurs and thinking - hells yea! I could TOTALLY get used to this…

More freedom.

Managing my own time.

Time to hit my yoga mat in the morning.


Working from cafes.

Digital nomad….!

Eep! So, how do I get started???

Many people stop before they even get started, because they look at all the steps involved and think O.M.G how will I ever get all of this done?! They suffer from decision fatigue.

Let me break down for you today what the key steps are to starting a business so you can quieten the mind + move forward on bringing your dream biz to life.



When you’re used to meeting others expectations, it can be kind of strange to suddenly start prioritising your own.

So, let’s set ourselves up for success now by getting your mindset in check first.

Treat your business as something separate to yourself. Your business is your new employer and you are here for duty.

Your future clients are your customers and they are ready to purchase your beautiful, sacred offerings - they just need you to create them first!

I always like to suggest to my clients that they see their business as a separate entity when they first get started. This helps you create some distance between your inevitable pesky self-limiting beliefs and the business you’re creating.

Once you’ve got this down pat, it’s time for step 2!


Pretty much every business is going to require a website.

Okay, so there are SOME businesses that get away without an official website, maybe using something like social media or Shopify… . but for most of us - we need a website.

So, your next step is to research website platforms.

The 2 questions I recommend asking yourself to make this decision as easy as possible are:

  • Do I know how to code? If you answer yes to this question - you’ll probably want to go with something like Wordpress which has a lot of functionality, but requires you to be able to code. Note: Of course you can still consider the other platforms - but this is usually the platform those who code decide on.

  • Do I want to invest in a web designer so I don’t have to create my website myself? If you answered yes to this question, your first step is to find a web designer you like because they will choose the platform. Note: to keep costs down you should choose a web designer that uses a platform you can then easily take over. In which case you might want to choose a web designer that uses one of the below.

If you answered no to both of these questions, then you want something super easy to work with and the current 3 most popular options on the market are Squarespace, Weebly + Wix. I recommend you check out their templates and go with the one that has the template you most like.

Simple! Now you can get started selecting your business name + creating content for your website.


We need to be able to connect with our ideal clients and start to build a community so that we can share our message and serve the people who need our help.

The best way to do this is to look at who your ideal clients are and ask yourself - which social media platform is the best platform to connect with my ideal client?

If a particular platform doesn’t come to mind, I would go with the platform you most enjoy using yourself as you will end up spending a lot of time on that platform and it’s likely that your ideal client will be using the same platform you enjoy too.

There you go! Now you can started connecting to your ideal clients there.


Every business needs a product or service to sell. As a business owner, we need to make an income so that we can show up for the work we do for our customers.

It’s essential then, that we have a product or service to sell.

I suggest starting small and focussing on one product or service when you get started.

Spend some time mapping out what that product or service is so that you can then launch it to your ideal clients.


There you go my friends! These are the 4 essential steps almost any business will need. If you focus on these you will have your business up + running in no time.

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Happy business creating!!

Lots of love,


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