My Top 10 Tips for Womxn in Business

Recently I was asked what my top 10 tips are for womxn in business. I loved answering this question! And I thought I’d share my top 10 with you all here today. Enjoy!

My Top 10 Tips for Womxn in Business

  1. My TOP tip is to (no surprise!!) tap into your Menstrual Magic!! Whether you’re experiencing a menstrual cycle or not, you can use your inner cyclical wisdom to tap into your full creative power, manifest naturally using the inner seasons of your cycle, work with both your masculine & feminine energy and create in the most sustainable way you can!

    Working with our menstrual magic teaches you how to work with a system (that nature designed) to help you birth big projects into the world… like a business!! And do it all in the most sustainable AND powerful way possible. It’s my number 1 *secret* behind my business and all the incredible projects I have birthed to date!

    If you’d love to learn more about working with your menstrual magic - please download my *FREE* Menstrual Magic Journal here.

  2. Always, always, always be working on your MINDSET. Mindset issues are the number 1 thing that stop all of my clients (and myself!) from stepping up in our businesses in the way our heart & our soul is calling.

    Mindset issues show up in all forms of disguises - from feeling “out of alignment” right before or after a big launch, to wanting to “perfect” your project before “getting started”, to hitting your upper limit and engaging in subconscious self-sabotaging patterns, to repelling money in your business to experiencing comparison, resistance, decision fatigue, overwhelm, worry, anxiety, lack of confidence, self belief and just plain…FEAR.

    Business is not a “safe” venture to the mind. So, fear is inevitable. The trick is learning how to navigate fear when it inevitably arises.

    With a supportive mindset by your side, you will use your brain power for something other than stepping in your own way. Instead you will use your mind to expand and show up for your work in the world. Plus most of our fears are complete B.S. anyway!

    If you’d love to understand, up-level & transform your mindset - I teach an epic 2 week deep dive on all things mindset. I also teach you how to overcome subconscious blocks, old programming, shift into abundant living & how to create your very own Mindset Plan so that you can continue to up-level your mindset every step along your business journey. Check out my Mindset Makeover program, it’s now required for all my clients!

  3. Ask for help - I used to want to *DO IT ALL* completely by myself. I’m an independent womxn after all! But literally a great lesson I learned (a few times!) is that we cannot do it all alone.

    You are less effective & powerful in your message when you attempt to do it all. One of the best things I did early on in my business was to make sure I worked with people I admired, got support on the areas I knew little about and outsourced projects I had no experience (or desire to learn)! And added bonus - you support other amazing people by making this decision!!! Woot!!

    If you do try to do it all, you will eventually burn out or you’ll find yourself stuck in overwhelm or just not showing up as well as you could. Plus working with people is way more fun!!

    Every great business has a great team behind them. We can’t do it all alone!

    If you’re looking for a support team in your business - I offer a whole range of ways to work together as you start & expand your business. 1-1 holistic business coaching (because it’s never just about your strategy!), group coaching & each year I hold a mastermind (mistressmind!). These opportunities will give you team support for your beautiful business.

  4. Learn how to work with your masculine and feminine energy. Working with your menstrual magic is a great way to do this! Take a look at your hormones for instance - every single one of us, regardless of gender, shift between masculine & feminine energy throughout the course of our hormonal cycle. Nature built these 2 energies into our system for a reason!

    Masculine energy refers to doing, while feminine energy refers to being. All creations require both being and doing. And what I’ve discovered is that without time for being, we end up doing a ton of doing without the impact or results we truly desire. This is what I want all of my clients to avoid!

    Whether you’re a masculine or feminine strength person, in my experience the energy we have the most trouble with learning and applying in an authentic & supportive way, is our feminine energy.

    We live in a world where doing is valued and being is not. The irony is - everything you desire comes from leading with this being energy.

    Feminine energy includes inspiration, creativity, intuition, trusting, surrendering, receiving, being, playing, community - and so much more!!! It is an essential part of the creative cycle - this is where we begin.

    If you want to create a business that allows you to make your difference and thrive (spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically…), understanding how to work with your masculine AND feminine energy is crucial.

    If you’d love to learn more about working with these 2 beautiful energies - I invite you to check out my program, Embrace Your Feminine Essence, an online program designed to reconnect you with your feminine energy & integrate in a supportive, healthy & balanced way with your masculine. (I’ll be holding a live round in October 2019 with group coaching available!).

  5. Understand that your business is a separate entity. Your business has an energy of it’s own, it’s own priorities and these are likely going to be different from your own! When we stop squashing our business by projecting our personal fears onto it, we allow space to serve our business and ourselves in the best we can.

    Your business has it’s own soul - it is a soul-FULL business after all. It is a co-creation. We must create space to connect to the soul of our business and to develop our relationship together! This might sound silly - but really it’s like anything (money included) - it’s all energy and if we want a good relationship, we need to invest our love into it. We can only do that if we are connected to the soul of our business (and our own!).

    If you’re not sure how to connect to the soul of your business, I invite you to check out this video training I held earlier in the year in my private Facebook Community (the Make A Difference Soul Tribe - which by the way is free to join and each month I deliver more valuable trainings to help you show up for your beautiful business!).

  6. Business is meant to be FUN! Don’t ever forget that - the best creativity comes from fun. This doesn’t mean it’s not also going to feel hard or challenging sometimes. When we talk about easeful creation we are not talking about easy. But rest assured that it can still be fun! And when we look for the fun and tweak the way we show up in our business so that it feels fun, we take some of the pressure off. Which is a perfect environment for inspiration, creativity & receiving.

    One of my key pillars in my Feminine Essence Coaching Framework is all about this. Joy is our highest purpose - it’s where all the magic is. It’s what will allow you to stick around for the long term in your business and it’s crucial to innovation. The more fun you have in your life and business, the better off you will do!

  7. Get used to receiving money. Most womxn that I work with have serious money blocks. That’s due to a lifetime of scarcity conditioning. Whether we know it or not, we will have blocks around how much we can earn, saving & having money, spending money and receiving money. These money blocks are detrimental to your business success.

    At every next level of my success in business I need to take a serious look at my money blocks. To uncover the stories I have unconsciously agreed to and have been playing out. I do this using the mindset tools that I teach in my Mindset Makeover program.

    Create the space to work on opening up to abundance so that you can do the work you came to do.

  8. Focus your energy on your zones of genius (what I call your magic essence!). These are your unique gifts in the world.

    When we focus our energy and attention on these gifts, we allow ourselves to thrive. My belief is that this is our purpose - to uncover those gifts & use them. Share them with the world, refine them - rather trying to learn new skills that we think are more valuable.

    Your magic lies in your essence. You were born with the perfect combination of skills and interests and this is where the magic happens!

    Know yours? Share with us in the comments or check out my Discover Your Purpose program where I teach you my EXACT process for uncovering your magic essence and aligning with your purpose.

  9. And on that note, make sure your business is PURPOSE driven!

    Purpose comes from the heart, not the mind. It’s about being aligned with our authentic Self. We can only do that when we take the time to turn inwards. To BE in the present moment. To listen to our body, our inner wisdom, our heart.

    We listen to our emotions and understand that they are here to give us important information about our work in the world.

    This is a very different way of approaching life. What we tend to do instead is think about where we *should* go. BUT the reason we want to show up for our business - will be something that is felt within our hearts.

    When our business is fuelled by a strong purpose, i.e. your own experience, story, magic essence and message… you will be unstoppable. You will have a strong *why* and you’ll make your life in business so much easier as it simply requires you to BE your SELF. Sounds pretty great right?!

    If you’d love to start your journey of aligning with your purpose - why not check out my 5 Day Purpose training here. And if you’d like to go deeper, my 8 week Discover Your Purpose online program begins in September 2019. Enrolment is now open.

  10. Create a business that allows you to make your difference AND thrive.

    As purpose driven, heart-centred entrepreneurs we want to help people. There is however some serious programming to overcome that that in order to help people, we need to do it to our own physical or financial expense. (hero, anyone?)

    Thriving for me is about thriving on a physical, emotional, financial & spiritual level. It’s about self-love. Taking care of yourself and your needs AND helping others. It’s not an either or situation.

    Because at the end of the day - if you don’t take care of yourself and your needs… you won’t be around to help anyone! We are here to make a difference through sharing our unique gifts (our magic essence!) with the world. Let’s do this in a way that also allows you to thrive.

    Want to start your own heart-centred business with a strong foundation to allow you to make your difference & thrive? Check out my online program, Create Your Beautiful Biz. In this 8 week program, I teach you how to build a purpose driven business using my Feminine Essence framework. Our next live intake is happening in September 2019. Enrolment now open!

    Make a difference & thrive ladies!! It’s the only way to approach our beautiful, purpose driven businesses.

So there it is my friends! There are my top 10 tips for womxn in business!! What about you? What was your biggest takeaway? Or, what are your top 10?!

Lots of love!

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