Top 10 Things I’ve Learned as a Coach

Top 10 Things I’ve Learned as a Coach

I thought it would be fun to consider the top 10 things I’ve learned as a coach. Here we go! 


  1. The most important thing you can do as a coach is hold a safe space for your clients.

    It’s incredible what simply facilitating this space offers to each and every one of our clients. Simple eye contact and active listening does a lot in a world where this kind of connection is super rare. 

  2. Stop controlling - my favourite mantra I repeat before a coaching call is “to me and through me”.

    Of course I prepare a little, but I’ve discovered my tendency is to over-prepare and that was cutting me off from all of the magic I received in the moment. So, now I trust that what needs to come through will and my preparation involves reading a short questionnaire completed by my client before our calls. Sometimes what they need in the moment has nothing to do with what they thought they needed in that questionnaire! 

  3. We are never alone in supporting our clients - open up to co-creating with the Universe and you will see SERIOUS MAGIC unfold.

    I’m forever in awe of the incredible gifts delivered the more I lean into trusting that I am always supported, guided and held by the Universe. 

  4. Every client is a precious gift. People talk about “favourites”, “best friends”, “best clients”, “favourite colleagues”... I think it’s all B.S. 

    Every single person that you work with provides you an opportunity to learn. Rather than comparing, look for the gift that every single client brings. (and then do this with your friendships too!!) 

  5. Always, always, always keep a beginners mind. The only way we can improve as coaches is to continue learning.

    If you sign up for anything to help you deepen your skills, my best advice is to forget everything you know and become the best student you can. After you implement then decide what you leave and retain. But don’t do that until you give it a go!! Otherwise you’ll miss out on some real gold! 

  6. You can make money as a coach.

    I’ll just leave this one here. Other than to say - how much you personally want to make as a coach does not need to be the amount you see quoted around you ($£100k!!! £$10K months) AND at the same time, it so can. But please know that you earn has ZERO reflection on how good you are as a coach and it doesn’t even have a true reflection on how much you need as a human. Money comes with time, keep at it and the money will come. But please know it’s not the money that will make you happy, it’s how you feel about yourself right now. 

  7. Different clients need different support.

    I get all my clients to complete a discovery intake form to answer a number of personality and discovery questions before we work together! Just so I can find out how their mind works, what their desires are and how they best function in the world. For e.g. knowing how they deal with expectancies. If my client is a Rebel, the way I deal with her will be different than if she is an Obliger. It’s your job as a coach to learn how to support your clients + their different learning, doing and being styles. It’s all amazing!! 

  8. Sometimes you have to be the “bad cop”.

    This is something I really hate to be, but I’ve learned (through failure!) that it’s absolutely necessary.  If you entertain your client’s mind, limiting stories and beliefs - you don’t do them any favours. As coaches we have to be honest in the kindest, most nurturing and loving way we can. And that includes pulling our clients up on their limiting stories and patterns. Sometimes we perpetuate these stories in small, subtle ways - keep your eyes peeled because it ain’t helping! 

  9. Your experience and implementation of what you learn will be the BEST support you can offer your clients.

    Every single time I see myself struggling with something, I remind myself that I need to go through this because then I can serve someone else with what I learn. And if I’m not implementing what I learn it’s completely useless! 

  10. Stay in your own lane!! I produce a lot of content (you might have noticed?!) and it’s because I protect my creativity.

    I do NOT endlessly consume others content. I actually spend most of my time creating my own. I engage on social media at specific limited times during the week & engage with the people who comment on my posts and who automatically comes up in my feed. Then I focus on my own creation. This is SO important for your clients and your ability as a coach. 

Wow!! That was a lot easier than I thought! I adore being a coach - I think it’s the coolest work in the world and I adore supporting other coaches create thriving, purpose driven businesses that make a difference!

What about you? What are the top 10 things you’ve learned as a coach? Leave a comment below. 

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