Holistic Business - What Is It?

I take a holistic (+ cyclical!) approach to business. So what does that mean?! Today I’m sharing exactly what I mean by holistic business + how you can start approaching your business in this way too!

Looking at your business in a holistic way allows you to create a business that will work for YOU + your energy, while still allowing you to show up serve, make money & live the life you desire! We are creating a life that is beautiful after all!

This video is for those of you building a beautiful business and wanting to approach your business in a way that takes into account:

a) you as a WHOLE person 
b) your life as a WHOLE 
c) your business as a WHOLE 

I don't know about you, but the business I'm creating is one that works FOR me and the beautiful life I want to lead. This is why I refer to both my life + business as being BEAUTIFUL. They are beautiful TO ME. 

And you can create a life + business that is beautiful to you too!

So, whether you're just getting started with your new business adventure or already have your biz up + running, this video will you give you tons of inspiration for creating your very own holistic business too!