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Do you believe that your life will be better if you were able to change the way you look? Are you struggling with issues around body image? Wanting to be thinner, younger, prettier etc.... Today's episode is for you!

I have struggled with issues re body image for most of my life! I've used food to check out of my emotions, food to celebrate/find pleasure, I've hated on my body, tried to force it to lose weight and thought my life would be soooo much better if I was just thinner + more attractive.

Somewhere along the way my relationship to my body changed and I learned how to create a much more healthy, loving & supportive relationship with my body. One that allowed me to show up for my purpose and also had me feeling really truly BEAUTIFUL for perhaps the first time ever!

In today's episode I'm sharing:

  • Update on how my Bali trip is going

  • An exciting announcement for you all about this podcast!

  • How I created a loving relationship with my body

  • The solution to feeling good about about your body

  • The tools I used to overcome emotional eating, over-eating and lack of exercise

  • Why we try to change the way we look

  • What I do to look after my body

  • How to love + accept your body

  • Why issues with the body might be affecting you showing up for your purpose

  • How to support good body image & behaviours in ourselves + others

Every single one of us is beautiful and the more we recognise + embrace the beauty that is already within us, the better we are able to show up in the world for the difference we are here to make in the world. Our body is here to support us, but first we must support our body!

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