CLB 30: 360 conscious behaviour

Today I am walking you through a full 360 view on ways to activate conscious behaviour in your life. Body, mind, soul, consumption, business, career, life - on all levels we benefit from conscious behaviour. So let's understand what conscious means and what sort of behaviour we are talking about. 

"no matter what you're doing whether you're an entrepreneur or not, you get to make conscious choices in how you run your business, your employment, your career."

It is through this behaviour that we are able to make amazing changes in our lives. This episode is perfect for you if you are looking to show up in your life in a more conscious, intentional, aware and socially minded way. It's also perfect for you if you simply want to know what all the fuss is about! 

"when we have the consciousness or awareness that something isn't in alignment for us we are able to change."

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in this episode, find out about:

  • What "conscious"means 
  • What it feels like when we are "unconscious"
  • The advantages of being conscious and the disadvantages
  • Triggers for being unconscious 
  • Body awareness and working with our bodies & hormonal cycles, not against them
  • How to know when you're not working with your body
  • Transcending our self limiting thoughts, behaviours, stories & mindset
  • Moving from victim mode to empowerment
  • Being aware of our soul desires, intuition and creativity
  • How being conscious relates to purpose 
  • Conscious business, career and consumption.
  • Making conscious choices and why it's fun
  • The trifecta of consciousness, the ego and intuition.

+ so much more!

"our body teaches us about balance."

"when we take responsibility for our lives, and when we look at our life as something we're empowered in, we're able to take our power back."

"our bodies are designed to create and that doesn't mean it needs to be creating life, so much of our fulfilment is about our creative fulfilment."

"we need to take care of the soul as well."

"when you're making conscious decisions about what your investing in you feel empowered."

"conscious business is all about having a purpose that is not just profit generation, that is solving a problem for your consumers, and also helping to contribute to causes that are benefit our community or the world at large."

"As with achieving anything great, it isn't taking one big mammoth step, it is a lifetime of small steps." 

- LETICIA ringe

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