Britt and Tara are Co-Founders of Elevate the Globe, certified Kundalini yoga and meditation instructors and healers here to raise consciousness on the planet. They are high vibrational living experts and pair astrology with spirituality, high vibrational living and sustainability to deliver a cutting edge wellness lifestyle that allows people to align with their own truth and best way of living.

Their online courses, retreats, classes, podcast and membership community deliver incredibly transformative results and the transmission of energy ignites people from all walks of life to uplevel and step into their power as happy, healthy and abundant light-workers elevating the globe. 

“It makes us feel really damn good so it’s changed our lives completely”

I adore Britt + Tara's down to earth, relatable, fun & hip way of exploring spirituality, all things cosmic, conscious & sustainable. They have been the people I have found my own spiritual path through and I was so chuffed when Britt mentions in the episode that I might end up training as a Kundalini yoga teacher, because it is on my list!  Seriously Kundalini has made me feel the most connected to myself and the world around me I have ever experienced. I often find myself crying with tears of gratitude at the end of one of their meditations.

“Every move, every breath, every song made me feel something so powerfully, made me feel myself and made me feel a part of me that I hadn’t been connected to for so long”

What is also so amazing about Britt + Tara is that they came from such "normal" backgrounds. Britt was a bit of a wild party girl when she was younger and then as she explains in the episode after a breakup found herself again through Kundalini. Tara was someone who was always interested in the universe & the cosmos as a child and then after her own break up was thrust into joining Britt in her then business, High Vibe Livin to later create Elevate The Globe. Their story on how this happened is AMAZING, but I'll let you listen to that in the episode :-)

in this episode, find out about:

  • What Britt + Tara have created with Elevate The Globe

  • How Britt + Tara came to be working together and their journey to John of God

  • Following your intuition and listening to the signs you receive

  • How to feel better, heal yourself and elevate your energy

  • Kundalini Yoga - what it is, why it works & how it changed both Britt, tara (+ my) life

  • Their advice for aligning with your beautiful purpose

  • Service and why it's awesome

  • Finding your true self

+ so much more!

“Whenever you’re not feeling good, the best thing you can do is to help somebody else” 


“When you make it your priority to know yourself and be connected to your sat nam, your true self then everything else falls into place, so you don’t have to decide how to serve, or what your purpose is or should be”. 

“I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined that this could be my life, because I couldn’t fathom it, it wasn’t something I could have conjured up intellectually and it had to be through the practice I was doing.” 


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