embrace your feminine essence

a course to reconnect you to your feminine essence




Hey there beautiful

I get it. You've been trying real hard and you're frustrated.

You’re frustrated that:

* no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to “do it all”

* you never get to do all the things you know make you happy

* other people seem to be able to make it work, but you just can’t

You often wonder: Is there something wrong with me?

Let me let you in on a little secret....

NO, THERE ISN'T anything wrong with you.

The reason this lifestyle doesn’t work for you iS... 

there'S something wrong with the system. Not you. 

It just doesn’t work!

The old hustle & grind, get it done, action + effort approach is set up for failure

It’s impossible to sustain for long periods of time and it’s not productive.

The system is out of balance - which means... s o  a r e  y o u. 

No wonder you're feeling frustrated! 


Most mornings you're jolted into your day by your alarm, missing out on going for that run again, only to rush into a day that depletes your energy, with people who don't respect your boundaries and you end the day trying to escape your emotions, feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied and like you can never get enough done.

Your connection with your body is all about the output, you just want to do more but you're constantly lacking energy. Some days are harder than others and you just don’t understand why you can’t keep up.

You rarely feel creative - who has time for that anyway? You're good at getting things done that other people have asked you to do, but when it comes to your own stuff - that can wait until later.


If action + effort is one source of power, did you know we also have an equal opposite?

When YOU combine the way YOU ALREADY know how to live, with this OTHER way of being - you have a perfect system. 

The yin to your yang. 

A system that will put an end to your frustration.

A system designed for your success. 

A system that is sustainable, enjoyable & powerful. 

You’ll be way more productive and a whole lot happier & healthier


a system that SUPPORTS YOU to thrive.



"I loved everything about the course. I loved the coaching calls and connecting with the group. I loved the videos that Leticia had created and all the beautiful, inspiring content. I decided to sign up for EYFE because I wanted to take action and wasn’t getting momentum behind my desires. 

EYFE has been an empowering, inspirational and beautiful experience! I recommend this course for anyone looking to harness their creative power, who loves self-development and who wants to live a beautiful life.

The biggest changes for me so far have been the mindset shifts, I’m taking action and have noticed I’m more decisive. This is because I’m listening to my intuition and trust that my choices in the moment are good ones, rather than second guessing.  I have felt more space in my life & relationships and have felt more accepting of myself and others. 

This content is timeless and I will keep diving back in. Leticia, you really inspire me and others and your work is so important. You’re elevating the world. Thank you!"

- Lowri Drakley



Embrace your feminine essence was the greatest thing i did for myself this year, being 2018.

“It’s a course that is a positive and safe environment to learn and express feelings related to purpose and femininity. I found the content very interactive and informative.

I am still referring back to the course work now, and have continued to be involved with the group I did the course with. It’s great to have like minded women to bounce off and inspire each other.

Leticia is a wonderfully kind and passionate coach and her passion shows in how the course is delivered and the content provided.

Definitely recommend!”

- Brittany Cann

Imagine this

Photo by kieferpix/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by kieferpix/iStock / Getty Images

You wake up each day feeling energised and excited for another day ahead. 

Your day is set up to support how you are feeling, the action you are inspired to take and where you are in your cycle.  That’s right! Your inner cycle.  

You respect your body and you look after Her so that she is feeling fully supported no matter where you are in your cycle. You have plenty of space in your day and you enjoy creating and bringing to life all of your projects. You feel connected to yourself, your body & the world around you.

Life is your canvas!  You surround yourself with people who make you feel great and you enjoy work where you feel valued and where your boundaries, especially your physical energy, is respected

You leave your working day feeling energised because you enjoy what you do, you feel fulfilled, satisfied, productive and you respect your natural flow.  You create space for inspiration and spontaneity and you own your right to feel supported, to take up space and to express yourself in whatever way you desire. 

You consult yourself before anyone else always because you know you are your greatest counsel.  Life feels good & you are owning your full creative power!

An Online Course Designed to Teach You Another Way

I’ve been in your shoes. I understand your frustration. I know how you feel. 

After seeing many of my clients, friends and peers suffering with the same issues I experienced - adrenal fatigue, burn out, stress, frustration, a lack of creative drive & anxiety I realised that we all shared an over-reliance on our masculine energy (doing) and a lack of connection to our feminine energy (being). 

We were so busy doing, we didn't even know how to connect to this energy! 

I’ve created this online course to give you the tools to reconnect you with the missing pieces of the puzzle.

I WILL teach you how you can have it all, by doing less and being more. 

Photo by TheaDesign/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by TheaDesign/iStock / Getty Images

embrace your feminine essence 

A Course to reconnect you to your feminine essence

Let’s create a beautiful, supportive & harmonious balance in your life that works with your flow and not against it in all areas of your life.

Embracing the (10).png


We all have access to 2 distinct energies, known as masculine and feminine energy.

Your feminine essence encompasses all sources of power that make up your feminine energy. These are your right brain capabilities.  Including: 

✨ Intuition     ⭕️ Cyclical

⭕️ Creativity   🌹Sensuality 

🌹 Inspiration   💕 Surrender

💕 Beauty   ✨ Space 

✨ Flow   ⭕️ Rest

🌹 Receiving

Feminine energy is about being. 


Many of us, whether we are aware of it or not, are disconnected from our feminine essence.  This source of energy has become unnatural.  However, it is the most natural energy of all. It is our state of being

Instead, we have an over-reliance on masculine energy, which we are taught from a young age and reinforced through our education and adulthood for our success and survival.  But we are missing the other half of the equation. 

Masculine and feminine energy are designed to compliment each other. We can only get so far relying on our masculine energy, just as we are limited when we rely solely on our feminine. 

This course will reconnect you to the different aspects of your feminine essence as well as teach you how to integrate this way of being with your masculine to create the lifestyle you truly desire. 

Photo by  Amy Shamblen  on  Unsplash

what you can expect

the 8 core modules:

This course will take you through everything you need to know to embrace your feminine power & design your life in a way that supports you to thrive in a relatable, easy to understand & practical no-nonsense way, that you can integrate in your personal & professional life and relationships.

MODULE 1 - Without being there is nothing

Welcome to your first module of Embrace Your Feminine Essence. In this module, you will learn:

  • What your 2 sources of power are, i.e. your masculine & feminine energy.

  • The essence of your lesser known & understood, feminine energy.

  • What I call the 3 pillars of feminine energy: space, rest & relaxation and receiving.

  • How to fully & properly receive.

  • 7 specially designed exercises, including a Guided Meditation to connect you personally with this topic.

MODULE 2 - Through joy everything will be revealed

Why do we divide up work and play? In this module, I will teach you:

  • Why play, pleasure & curiosity are so important.

  • How to align with your purpose.

  • How to build passion into your life.

  • 7 specially designed exercises, including a Guided Meditation to connect you personally with this topic.

MODULE 3 - We gain control when we relinquish control

One of life's great paradoxes.  In this module, you will learn:

  • How to use the energy of trust, allowing & surrender in your day to day life & relationships.

  • How to do less to get more.

  • My personal approach to manifestation and co-creating with the universe. 

  • 7 specially designed exercises, including a Guided Meditation to connect you personally with this topic.

module 4 - You are your ultimate authority

For too long we have been taught to hide from our emotions, to suppress them.  What if our emotions are our greatest teacher? In this module, you will learn:

  • How to become sovereign using your emotional intelligence and inner voice. 

  • How to connect to + use your intuition, your emotions and your body to figure out the next best step for you. 

  • Why you will find clarity, direction and peace when you understand these amazing sources of intelligence.

  • 8 specially designed exercises, including a Guided Meditation to connect you personally with this topic.

MODULE 5 - There will always be another Winter

Just like the Earth and the Moon, we are cyclical beings. When we understand out cyclical wisdom, we can work with our energy, rather than against it. In this module, I will teach you:

  • The 4 different phases of the male + female hormonal cycle.

  • How to work with the different phases & inner seasons of your hormonal cycle.

  • How to connect with your cyclical nature whether you are experiencing a menstrual cycle or not.

  • How to work with the Moon/Lunar cycle to bring to life your projects.

  • Why the Moon cycle is a wonderful system to use to find balance in your life.

  • The key phases & archetypes for our life cycle as women.

  • 7 specially designed exercises, including a Guided Meditation to connect you personally with this topic.

MODULE 6 - Release resistance and flow

We are all creative.  Our life is our creation. Our canvas.  The choice is whether you choose to participate consciously or not. In this module, I will teach you:

  • How to release resistance to your creative power

  • How to use your hormonal cycle to create sustainably

  • What the full creative cycle really is

  • What flow is and how to live life with your flow & not against it

  • The role of inspiration when it comes to taking action

  • 7 specially designed exercises, including a Guided Meditation to connect you personally with this topic.

MODULE 7 - returning to our hearts

When we are born we are pure consciousness experiencing life through our 5 senses. As we grow, we shift from relying solely on these senses to relying (predominantly) on our mind.  We shift from heart to mind. From love to fear. In this module, I will teach you:

  • How to return to your heart

  • How to adopt an abundance mindset

  • Why beauty & sisterhood is so important

  • What sensuality is and why it matters

  • How to connect with your compassion & nurturing energy

  • 8 specially designed exercises, including a Guided Meditation to connect you personally with this topic.

module 8 - INTEGRATION

All creation requires both the masculine and feminine. Together let's work through a healthy, loving and complimentary integration of these 2 sources of energies so that you are fully supported in living your best life. In this module you will learn:

  • The 2 ways I apply balance when it comes to my masculine & feminine energy

  • How to integrate your masculine & feminine energy on a day to day basis in your personal & professional life

  • Ideas for application at work, in your business and in your relationships

  • Ideas for integration for your creative projects and in your personal life

  • Why integration is so important

  • Plus, I walk you through how to use this integration to align with your life purpose. 

  • 8 specially designed exercises, including a Guided Meditation to connect you personally with this topic.

what my community is saying...



"I feel privileged to have been part of the first round of Leticia's Embrace Your Feminine Essence course. In four weeks (which flew by!) I learnt so much about how I can support my creative work in accordance with my monthly cycle. I used to think I was a bit crazy because of how much my mood would vary throughout the month and would beat up on myself for not having lots of consistent energy to get things done. 

Leticia's very detailed and well-structured course emphasises that men and women are vastly different when it comes to taking action and that we shouldn't feel ashamed for needed space or rest - in fact it's crucial for our success! 

I'd recommend this course in a heartbeat for anyone who like myself, relied far too much on their masculine energy and is looking to take a deep dive in all things feminine. This kind of information should be taught in schools! Thanks Leticia for all you are doing :)." 

- Ella Ryder www.ellaryder.com


“When I first started EYFE, I was starting my passion project website (coaching business) and transitioning into a new role with my corporate job. I was struggling to integrate both masculine and feminine energy into my life. I wanted to learn more about both and how I can use them in harmony and not constantly in conflict with one another.

I loved that Leticia had been in corporate and found her path to what lights her up. I really resonated with her journey and was so inspired I wanted to learn more from her!

I loved the content and our beautiful group of women. While I wasn't able to make any of the live calls, it was refreshing to be in a community that talks about these topics. I learned something from everyone when I listened to these calls.

My favourite module was Module 3 - trust, surrender, and allow. It's natural for me to do the complete oppose of the these three things so this really complimented a lot of the work I have been doing previously to joining the course. The examples Leticia shared and the deep dive into the benefit of how this can serve us was great content! 

I now notice when I'm neglecting my feminine essence and when she wants to be seen. I have seen this recently in how I crave more freedom, space, and creativity in my daily life. I also have been craving more time in nature. When I receive these nudges or cravings, I listen then find ways to explore. There doesn't have to be any reason why or reason for me to evaluate. In the past, I would justify everything and evaluate if it was a waste of time. Now, if I want to take a painting class, I will! Just because.”

- Julie Allison https://www.perspectives.coach/






"Joining EYFE was a real gift for me. The course is inspiring, uplifting and empowering.

It is packed with useful information and take aways, and Leticia holds the space beautifully in a very nurturing and feminine way.

Leticia definitely walks the talk and I walked away feeling empowered and whole, having noticed real tangible changes in the way I approach my business and life in general since.

I cannot recommend this course enough."

- Danielle Reeve