Are you connected to your masculine and feminine energy?

Today on the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, Leticia is explaining what both feminine and masculine energy is, why we need both, how to know if you are disconnected as well as sharing for the first time the details of her 4 week online course: Embrace Your Feminine Essence which begins on 3 July (enrolment opens 25 June 2018).  

"Feminine energy includes things like intuition, creativity, sensuality, beauty, inspiration, flow, play.  All difficult to define concepts that involve a sensory experience."

Feminine energy draws it's energy from Being.  While masculine energy draws from Doing.  Both are essential to the proper function of each and every one of us as creative beings. Yes, we are all creative! 

"The truth of the matter is that we are all creative.  I mean we exist in this universe - we are all creatures of creation."

Unfortunately, many of us tend to rely on one over the other.  And this over-reliance tends to be on masculine energy which is better understood and valued as a means to success. 

"Masculine energy is about work. Its about mental energy, the mind. And it’s our yang energy."

And so we as a culture, have become disconnected from our feminine essence,  our feminine energy and we are missing out as a result. 


  • What feminine essence and feminine energy is 
  • The elements of feminine energy: Being, receiving, space, intuition, creativity, play, cyclical etc
  • Why feminine energy is so important to our health, happiness, fulfilment, productivity, growth, success + evolution. 
  • What masculine energy is 
  • Why we have an over-reliance on masculine energy
  • Why we need a healthy balance of the two
  • How to know if you are disconnected from your feminine energy
  • All the details of my brand new online course: Embrace Your Feminine Energy (open for enrolment on 25 June 2018 with class beginning on 3 July 2018). Find out more here.

"Masculine and feminine energy are designed to compliment each other."

"when we harness the feminine energy instead of just using it to you know sleep or maybe when we take a holiday - we are missing out on what it has to offer because we just don’t understand it."

"The feminine cycle on the other hand, much like the moon, has sustainability and the perfect grounds for creativity built into it. The feminine cycle has periods of yin & periods of yang.  Rest and action. Being and doing.  Our bodies call us to fluctuate between our masculine and feminine energy."

"The trouble is even if we have a tendency towards feminine energy this is something that isn’t valued around us."

"When I worked in the corporate world I would push myself to my limits every single day - consistently doing as much as possible typically with no time or space for a proper lunch break. Any space to me was simply an opportunity to do more."

"A person with a healthy balance of masculine and feminine will experience more flow and ease in their life. It’s the difference between taking action and taking inspired action. Resting and feeling re-energised rather than just surviving." 



You can apply for my 3 and 6 months coaching series where together we use a feminine, heart centred and flowing approach to help you understand, see & embrace your beauty, feminine essence and power and have your heart + mind cracked right open to your own magnificence so that you are able to contribute to the world in your power & aligned with your unique purpose.  You can apply HERE.

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Embrace Your Feminine Essence: A 4 week online course designed to reconnect you to your feminine energy 

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