CLB 068: Discover Your Purpose - How to Align With Your Purpose TODAY (Part 3)

Welcome to the FINAL instalment of the Discover Your Purpose series!!! We're now up to the fun part of this 3 part series! I'm teaching you WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY TO ALIGN WITH YOUR PURPOSE! 

As some of you will know I first began the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast to support my community align with their truth & purpose.

Since then, I’ve interviewed & coached a ton of amazing people on aligning with their purpose, finding work they love, starting a purpose-driven business and I’ve also deepened into my own purposeful life & business journey!

Today in this final instalment of our 3 Part Discover Your Purpose series, I'm giving you 4 steps you can take TODAY to start aligning with your purpose & finding work you LOVE, ENJOY & ARE SOOOOOOO INSPIRED BY!!!

This is my mission - to empower more womxn to show up for their unique gifts and the work calling their soul! We all have them. 

If you’re ready to:

  • connect with your purpose

  • find work that lights up your soul

  • uncover your zones of genius (what I call your magic essence!), 

  • create more meaning, fulfilment & happiness in your life, 

  • get clarity on the type of business or career you want to create,

this series is for you! 

PLUS I’ve put together my EXACT PURPOSE process for you all in an online, group coaching program that will give you the roadmap you need to help you tune in, uncover your gifts & get confidence, clarity & connection with your purpose. 

So if your soul is calling you to explore this topic in an even deeper way, I’m also spilling all the details in this episode on my new program, Discover Your Purpose
See HERE for more details

P.S. Missed the first part of the series? Head to Episode 66 to get started! 


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