Developing a relationship with your heart is just like falling in love! Seriously?? Seriously!! Today on the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast I am explaining why to develop a connection with our heart, our intuition, our soul and cultivate feelings like passion (and PURPOSE!) in our life you’ve got to look at it, just like building the kind of relationship that brings you love.

“Our heart is an expression of our unique essence. It’s our connection to the universe & the world around us. It’s what makes us realise that we are all love, every single one of us.”

I’m also sharing with you what the difference is between our heart and mind and why allowing your mind to run the show is the reason you are amplifying feelings of fear, struggle & resistance in your life. Tapping into our more feminine way of being is the answer! But it’s not natural to us at first… all it takes is practice.

All of our fears come from our mind. When we tune into your heart we don’t have the same fears. 

“thank you for your advice, Felicia!”

Listen to this episode to understand how to follow your heart, find your joy and cultivate passion. You’ve got this!!

in this episode, find out about:

  • Why we experience Struggle, Resistance and Fear

  • How to differentiate between the Heart and the Mind

  • The connection between the Heart, Intuition and our Soul

  • How to develop a relationship with your Heart (and why it’s just like developing a relationship with someone else)

  • The language of the Heart and the problem with using the Mind to interpret

  • How to know whether your Mind is running your life or YOU

  • Why I’m now referring to my Mind as FELICIA!

  • The biggest takeaway from my 1-1 with Jess Lively

  • Why we want to connect to our Heart

  • How to know when we are connected with our Heart

  • How following our Heart helps us to cultivate Passion

  • What to do if you don’t believe you are Passionate

  • How to use the Heart to align with your Purpose

  • A great place to start

is your mind getting in the way of your soul’s calling?

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“which voice do i want to use?”

“The mind sees problems, the heart sees solutions”

“the reason so many of us are not aligned with our purpose is because we are trying to figure it out with the mind, not the heart.”

“it’s just like falling in love.”

“the more we trust it, the bigger it becomes and before you know it you’re in love.”


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