Would you like to know how to find your authentic voice? To be able to speak and express your truth?  

Today's guest on the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, is Gail Love Schock

Gail is a "down to earth Spiritual Mentor" who creates spaces for people to be held and gather.  Gail has trained with the likes of Tony Robbins, Dr Robert Holden, Russ Hudson and is qualified as Family & Wedding Celebrant, Quantum Meditation & Kundalini Yoga teacher, Enneagram certified, Life and Happiness Coaching, Reiki and in Quan Yin healing.   Gail is also currently training as an inter-faith Minister and is a devoted student of A Course in Miracles. 

She provides the sacred space for her clients to be held as they move from where they are now through the unknown.  Her work looks to help women in particular remember their voice ("voice freedom") which is an area Gail has helped me in personally! 

Gail is an incredibly powerful story teller and has a unique ability to explain spiritual concepts in a way that people, like you and me, understand.  Here is an example of one of my favourite Instagram posts of Gail's so you can get a taste of just how delicious her story telling is. 

So how did Gail find herself to be working as a Spiritual Mentor & Inter-faith Minister in training?

Good question!! Before moving into the field of spirituality professionally, Gail worked as a dancer, actress and producer in arts & culture.  A very "successful" career might I add. However, after a series of "wake up calls" Gail soon discovered that her real calling was something quite different, yet also in many ways very much the same.  

“there is no one path there is a million. There is no solution, there are a million” - gail love schock

This episode is perfect for anyone who feels unprepared to step into the unknown, who fears making the perfect decision and wants to reclaim their voice.  This episode is also perfect for anyone who wants a very loving, down to earth, positive and real perspective of life, purpose and meaning. 

I was so touched by so much of what came up during this conversation.  Gail has a way with words and I always feel that she is being spoken through as I hear exactly what I need to hear in that moment. I feel so deeply aligned with Gail's perspective about life, purpose, creation and existence that I was in tears re-listening to this episode. Please promise me you listen to the last 15 minutes at the very least! :-)


  • Gail’s journey from infancy to working as a professional dancer, actress, arts producer to the work she does in the world today as a spiritual mentor, healer & interfaith minister in training

  • How to love yourself and tune into your soul voice

  • Oneness, love in action and non attachment

  • The cycle of waking up and intimacy

  • Community, family and ministry

  • Emotion, pain and pleasure

  • The power of story telling

  • Gail’s advice for discovering purpose

  • What everyone is getting wrong when it comes to journaling

  • Writers block and why it doesn’t really exist

  • The importance of trust, perspective, receiving and letting go and why we can’t do it all alone.

“9 times out of 10 we are already in pain, we are already in discomfort, irritation, dissatisfaction and irritation which is separation from the oneness”.

“the future is all of us so IT'S very important that we do this as a family… through love in action."

“Essentially we have been put to sleep, we have been inoculated by marketing… and when we tune in and we connect that is us waking up... we will have that wonderful moment of integration with community, with inspiration and then we go back to sleep.”

"our purpose is to show up as a full expression of our life.. of ourselves."

- gail love schock

Ready to step up and commit your time & energy into discovering and showing up for your purpose?

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