CLB 32: misty foster, founder of green suitcase travel - travel with purpose 

How can we be more mindful, sustainable & ethical when it comes to our travel choices?

Today we are hearing from Sustainable Travel Advisor & Founder of Green Suitcase Travel, Misty Foster about sustainable, conscious & ethical travel with purpose and her own journey to doing this beautiful work she does in the world today.

Misty's mission at GST is to make conscious, sustainable & ethical travel sexy and doable no matter what type of travel experience you're after. She took me through many examples of sustainable travel that I would never have even considered before our conversation.  And even better I was able to put some of these tips to task already on my most recent trip to Greece which felt great! 

“travel is a very powerful tool to be purposeful with.”

We also talk about purpose in a broader sense, including Misty's definition of purpose and her advice for finding purpose (which is a really beautiful one I must say!!!). Misty also takes us through her own career pivot, how she made the leap and how her prior career in theatre is serving her work today with GST. 

“doing the work to me means sometimes embracing the ugly side of who you are… and that can be very beautiful too” 

This was such a fun & inspiring episode and I'm so grateful to Misty for coming on and sharing her wonderful tips about how to become a more responsible traveller. 

in this episode, find out about:

  • Conscious, sustainable & ethical travel
  • Misty's journey to finding purpose
  • Dealing with a career pivot
  • How Misty dealt with taking the leap and releasing her former career & dream
  • Misty's advice for finding purpose
  • Overcoming resistance 
  • Some of Misty's most eye opening travel experiences & lessons 

+ so much more!

“at the end of the day if you like what you created than that’s what matters”

“Pay attention to what excites you and spread that”

“everywhere in the world offers something unique and beautiful”

- misty foster

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