CLB 064 - Creating an Engaged FB Community + Creating Balance with Hayley Tapper

Are you wanting to create high vibe opportunities for your community to connect?! Interested in starting a Facebook Group? Want to learn how to find balance in your business? Today’s episode is for you!

Hayley Tapper is our guest today! She’s a Manifesting and Lifestyle expert, the host of The Boss Goddess Show podcast, and the founder of Hayley Tapper Co., a company on a mission to change the spiritual status quo, from crunchy granola, to unapologetic wealth. Hayley believes that the combination of feminine flow, and masculine action taking, creates the energetic magnetism to live a life by design!

After creating a successful online business and manifesting her dream lifestyle, Hayley has inspired thousands of women around the world to slay with soul and create their rich and radiant lives. Her clients have quit their jobs, created 6-figure businesses, traveled around the world, called in dream relationships, manifested huge media opportunities, and more!

Today I’m talking to Hayley all about creating an engaged, high vibe Facebook community and using both your masculine + feminine energy in your business! One of my favourite topics!!

Join Hayley and I as we discuss:

  • Her shift from health coaching into manifestation + spirituality 

  • Hayley’s advice for creating a high vibe, engaged Facebook community

  • Becoming the leader for your community 

  • Balancing your masculine + feminine energy  

  • Being in balance vs creating balance 

  • Practises to evoke your inner feminine & integrate your masculine + feminine energy

  • Hayley’s advice for getting started in your business

“You can do everything, just not all at once!”

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