How can I improve my relationship with alcohol?

Why would someone want to improve their relationship with alcohol?

How can I support the people in my life when it comes to having a healthy relationship with drugs & alcohol?

What might a better drinking culture look like? 

What is running a non profit/charitable organisation like?

Today on the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, Leticia is speaking with Chris Raine, the CEO and Founder of Hello Sunday Morning ("HSM"). HSM is an Australian based, world-wide charity/non-profit organisation helping people to improve their relationship with alcohol.

HSM was established in 2009 by Chris himself when he began a blog with the same name to share his experience giving up alcohol for a year.  At this time, Chris was 22 years old living in the Sunshine Coast in Australia. He was working evenings as a night club promoter and during the day in advertising when the brief to quit alcohol for a year was presented to him. 

Thinking the task before him would be quite easy, Chris was intrigued to find his relationship with alcohol ran much deeper than he thought and 8 months into the experiment he had discovered a purpose that ran much bigger than he could have ever imagined. 

“what's most important isn't about the drug, it'S WHAT'S behind that and processing the anxieties and stresses that often lead us to using it in excess.”

Hello Sunday Morning today is a for purpose organisation servicing governments, individuals and corporates towards a better drinking culture.  Rather than removing alcohol from society the aim of HSM is to provide people with more awareness as to the reasons why they are drinking so that they can make conscious choices around their consumption. 

Their signature program Daybreak provides users with access to trained clinical psychologists with speciality experience in giving tips and strategies for alcohol. Anyone can access this program whether that be with the intention to limit, remove or simply reconsider their relationship with alcohol. 

"Our vision is a world where drinking is an individual choice, not an expectation."

Chris explains in the episode that many of the people who go through their program will end up giving up alcohol for good or for extended periods, with himself a regular user of the program.  Chris gives us such an honest, eye opening and fascinating perspective on alcohol and I'm so grateful to him for coming on the podcast! 

in this episode, find out about:

  • Chris’s experience removing alcohol for 12 months and since then his relationship/learnings and challenges with alcohol.

  • The journey of HSM and support offered for anyone wanting to reduce or remove their use.

  • Running a for purpose/charity organisation.

  • The role of advertising when it comes to drugs

  • What is a drug.

  • The effects of alcohol neurologically, emotionally and socially. 

  • The benefits and disadvantages from Chris’s point of view of alcohol.

  • Chris’ advice for finding purpose and a meaningful career.

  • The role of mentors in Chris’s journey.

  • How to support the people in our life who are thinking of doing something different to the status quo and the importance of curiosity in our relationships.

“I’ve always tried to find people who are living the life I want to live in 20, 30 years time and convince them to be my mentor”

“a better society is probably one where alcohol is available but not advertised in the way that it is.”

"it's exciting to see that celebration of difference that young people have."



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