This article is for anyone wanting to create a life you love, enjoy and are inspired by.  A life that is truly beautiful!!




Who Am I? is perhaps THE fundamental question for each of us to answer.  And I have come to realise it is essential to finding:

  • true belonging
  • fulfilment
  • peace
  • purpose
  • destiny
  • authenticity

and to create a life you love + enjoy.

Answering this question requires one to know who they are and what they stand for.  It cannot be answered by asking someone and it cannot be answered by reference to your name, your occupation, your heritage, your ethnicity, your gender, your class, your age or where you live.

No beauties, the answer can only be discovered through the process of SELF ENQUIRY, i.e. YOU getting to know YOU.  

the search for self

As Brene Brown in her new book Braving the Wilderness writes:

“True belonging is the spiritual practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply that you can share your most authentic self with the world and find sacredness in both being a part of something and standing alone in the wilderness.  True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are; it requires you to be who you are.”

And fun fact (also from Brene's book): TRUE BELONGING is the opposite to FITTING IN.  

This was where I went wrong... at least initially.  At the end of high school when I left to discover my purpose I believed I needed to choose a path, acquire the skills and take the necessary action to get there.  So I set about on a path to be someone, trying to fit into the idea of who I ought to be instead of getting to know who I was first.  Thankfully 8 years later life threw me a curveball which made me realise I needed to change course.  

And once I worked out the answer to this beautiful question, everything changed.


Over the course of this week I want you to start thinking about your answers for the following:

Day 1 - What comes easily to me (as in what are my unique skills or natural abilities)?

Day 2 – Take the 16personalities Myers Briggs test here (it’s free) and read your profile. What resonates?

Day 3 - What am I interested in? 

Day 4 - What do I enjoy? 

Day 5 - What causes am I passionate about or care for?

Day 6 - What do I know for sure?

Day 7 - What do I value most? (For more information on answering this question, check out my earlier post on the topic here).

Consider these questions in a quiet space, writing down your answers freely and without censoring them. Remember, this is YOU getting to know YOU.  


I first did the 16personalities test in 2015 and I was so impressed with the profile, I even chipped in for the paid version! They give you an amazing insight into your personality and seriously had I taken that test when I was deciding what course to do for university I might have realised then how important the value of FREEDOM is for me and that I would never survive in a hierarchical, rules-based system like law. 

If you want to dive even deeper into this topic, there is a wonderful podcast called Personality Hacker and they too have a Myers Briggs based test you can complete.   

It is also really interesting to see how your personality changes with time – remember it is not stagnant and neither are any of your answers for the above.  We need to grow, change and evolve - otherwise you aren't learning anything! 


When we get to know who we are and what we stand for we start to feel like we have come home. 

Knowing ourselves makes it so much easier for us to make decisions that support us.  It means happiness and fulfilment are truly within reach and that we can now make life choices which place us in our element.

And when we are in our element, in alignment with our true self, we are better able to meaningfully contribute to the world.  We show up for ourselves, each other and our planet.  We get to create a life we love, enjoy and which inspires!!! 


I ask the questions I have outlined above often.  Increasingly, they have become easier to answer and the more I ask, the more clarity I receive and the more I have been able to step into my authentic self.  

All previous 9 actions on our Create a Life that is Beautiful journey were essential to placing me in a position where I began to be able to answer these questions honestly.  And they are also the questions I did a deep dive into right before I made the commitment to #2017isfinewithoutwine.  

I now feel more peace, fulfilment and joy than I have ever experienced in my life.  And I believe this was all due to the journey of coming home to my SELF. 

It is a topic I am extremely passionate about and you will hear more from me on this in the future.  



Understanding who you are and what you stand for is essential to your fulfilment and importantly to creating a life you love and enjoy.

So who are you???  Use the #createalifethatisbeautiful hashtag on Instagram or Facebook and share your answer with me! For me, I understand and relate to people.  I pick up on what isn’t said and empathise with others easily. I want to leave this world making a positive impact on those around me and I am committed to sharing the lessons I have learned throughout my life to help lift you up with me.  I value freedom, evolution, presence, deep connection and fulfilment and I know doing work that I love and enjoy is essential to achieving this.  

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You are worthy and wonderful, with so much to contribute to the world! We all have unique skills, abilities and interests and I wholeheartedly believe that by embracing those, finding your platform and choosing love, joy and inspiration along the way you make the world a better place. :-)


Lots of love,