Action 13: End Your Day With A Bang

This article is for anyone wanting to create a life they love, enjoy and are inspired by.  A life that is truly beautiful!!

ACTION #13: end your day with a BANG

How awesome would it be if you ended your day:

celebrating you

celebrating your day

feeling in alignment

preparing your mind + body for a wonderful night of sleep

all with a big smile on your dial? 


Just as we see the benefit of beginning our day with a magical morning ritual to set us up for a great day ahead, why wouldn't you implement an exciting evening ritual to prepare your body + mind for an amazing sleep ahead and to bring you back into alignment with joy?  

Well, now you can! 

Through implementing an evening ritual you prime your mind + body to prepare for sleep, so that you feel tired before you even get to bed. And you make sure to disconnect from anything that stimulates the mind so you can have the best chance of an uninterrupted sleep.

We all know how important sleep is right? Getting enough sleep helps your memory, your focus, your emotional balance, your brain power, your physical health and your longevity. Basically, its pretty important! 

But the best bit is, setting yourself up with an exciting evening ritual offers you an opportunity to end your day with intention and in alignment with joy. This is so amazing because often after a busy day we find ourselves ending the day with our only intention to: Escape our day.  We might find ourselves:

  • on our phones or computer right up to the last minute (ever fallen asleep watching TV?), or
  • jumping into bed after a few too many drinks, or
  • feeling anxious and concerned about tomorrow, or
  • if we have had a particularly unproductive day, we might hit the sack feeling guilty about the day we’ve had.

All of these circumstances involve us ending our day without intention and certainly without being in alignment with the feelings we truly want to experience, like joy. 

So what if we instead went to bed feeling good and ready to go to sleep with a little smile on our dial? 

Let’s give it a try!


This week your daily exercise is to complete the below exciting evening ritual!

Start the below exercise approximately 1 hour before you would like to hit the hay (i.e. go to bed). Make sure you are allowing at least 7-9 hours for sleep and allow some time to actually fall to sleep.

The Preparation (important steps to take)

  • Reduce all the lights in your home so that you only have soft light on – this primes the brain and the body to start winding down for bed time.  
  • Turn off all electronics, including placing your phone on airplane mode and making sure your alarm is set for the morning.  This will be the last time you look at your phone for the evening.  
  • I also suggest not having any liquid from this point, but that is up to you – you know what is best.  If you want some herbal tea (obviously not caffeinated) then help yourself. Personally, I find I will need to wake up in the middle of the night for the bathroom when I drink within the hour before bed so I avoid liquid as much as possible – but if I need some water, I am going to have a sip of water, know what I mean? No deprivation here!  This is also consistent with Alissa Vitti’s advice in her amazing book which I recommend to every single woman I know: The Woman Code.
  • Do not consume any more food. Especially, no sugar. 
  • Get yourself ready for bed by brushing your teeth and showering (if you haven’t already), putting on any lotions you like and your pyjamas. Yes, body its time for bed!

The Exciting Evening Ritual

1.    Get yourself a piece of paper and a pen and spend about 15 minutes journaling the following:

  • Something you learned today. 
  • 3 things that happened today that made your day awesome.  Hint: think of the little things. What brought you joy?
  • 5 things you love about yourself.
  • 5 things you can celebrate about today (i.e. any successes, achievements, things you are appreciative of – if you need help check out my earlier post about appreciation here).  

2.     Now it’s time to celebrate, so give yourself a hug, do a little dance – just feel all the good feelings this exercise has brought forward. You are amazing! Celebrate you! If you have a partner, share some of the wonderfulness about your day with them.  

3.     Your final step is to lay on the floor on your back with your legs up the wall.  Slow down your breathing so that you are breathing in for 3-4 counts and breathing out for 3-4 counts.  Rest your eyes.  Stay here for 5-10 minutes.  Relax and unwind. 

And then get yourself to sleep. Sweet dreams!

N.B. Take note of how well you sleep each night after doing this exercise and how you feel when you wake up each morning.   If the exercises are too stimulating for you, try doing the journalling + celebration exercise a little earlier, perhaps before you get dressed for bed. Find what works best for you :-)

ending your day with a *bang*

Through implementing an exciting evening ritual like the one I have set out above we end our day with a nice strong finish, ensuring we finish the day on a high and with a big smile, our bodies full of joy!

You see if we start our day on a high and we end on a high, the stuff that let’s us down in the middle is less likely to be what we remember tomorrow. You feel me?  This also means while we are sleeping all that beautiful work we do to prime our brains about all that is amazing and that we appreciate and can celebrate trickles into our subconscious.... making tomorrow an even better day!


Getting yourself an exciting evening ritual to prepare your mind + body for a great night of uninterrupted sleep and which celebrates all there is about you, the day you’ve had and life in general is a wonderful way to round off your day., keep you intentional and in alignment with your highest joy. Life is good!

Do you have an evening ritual you swear by? Share with us what works for you in the comments section below!


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I care and I appreciate you.  

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