This article is for anyone wanting to create a life they love, enjoy and are inspired by.  A life that is truly beautiful, in YOUR eyes!


“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.” - Rainer Maria Rilke

If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook or we've had the pleasure of speaking in person this year, you've probably heard me mention the word 'flow' only about a bazillion times!  Well, today, I am finally going to explain why flow is such an important concept....

So buckle up peeps, things are about to get real! 

The fun, fulfilling + peaceful approach to life

A huge focus of mine throughout 2017 has been shifting from the traditional, conventional model of success, which relies heavily on hard work and effort to a much more productive, sustainable, fulfilling, peaceful and FUN approach to life known as FLOW.  

That's right my friends, hard work, effort and struggle is not the only way to bring about the results you truly want.  In fact, the hard work, effort and struggle might actually be what is getting in the way of you achieving the "success" you desire at all. Say what?!

First, let me explain the traditional model of success a little further.

The Traditional Model of Success

For yonks (ha!), our society has been predicated on the notion that to be successful one must work hard.  Use that masculine 'yang' energy of yours so that you are in action as much as possible. You climb that success mountain and if you make it to the top you can then claim your prize of "success".

Under this approach, if you aren't achieving the results you want, that is because you just need to work harder or smarter.  More action, more action, more action.  Just want it more - have the drive. You might feel like you are running upstream and against the current, rather than flowing down the river. 

This is the approach I tried for the first 10 years of my adult life.  And it's probably the one you are also using or aspiring to or maybe, you've just given up striving for what you want because its simply too hard.  Well, beautiful you reading this, if you do fall into the latter category - please don't be hard on yourself.  The reason this approach isn't working for you is simply because it is neither sustainable, nor is it productive.  

Every single one of us, regardless of our gender, is made up of 2 different energies known as "yin" and "yang".  Yin is our feminine energy.  Yang is our masculine energy.  To operate at the best of our abilities we need to draw on both energies - it's called 'balance'.  Under the traditional model of success we are taught not to draw on our feminine energy really at all when it comes to work at least.  Our feminine energy is saved for periods of rest, leisure or holiday.

But what's really happening is we have 2 different source powers available to us and we are ignoring one of them almost entirely. Like the sun and the moon, the mountain and the sky - we need contrast and balance to fully function. We need to allow ourselves to be still, tap into that knowledge within and RECEIVE.  

And the same applies when it comes to achieving what we really want. 

So what is flow?


The concept of flow has been incredibly helpful for industries and individuals that want to harness their creativity.  Why? Because effort, hardwork and struggle seem to prevent creativity rather than support it.... 

Flow will have you travelling with the river of your life, moving downstream with ease, rather than against the tide.

When we flow through life we let our inspiration, curiosity and feeling of fulfilment now guide our action. We concentrate on being in alignment with emotions such as love, peace, joy and happiness and then we take inspired action. 

We are connected to our physical body, checking-in and asking what it needs.  We let our energy guide us. We use periods of action and in-action to bring about the results we want.

We are connected to and guided through our intuition as to what we want.  And we experience the presence of what we want in our life now, rather than it's lack. The law of attraction baby! What you focus on expands. 

We focus less on the how or the form of what you want and more on being in alignment with the feelings we truly desire.   In the present moment, we look to what is flowing into our life, rather than what isn't already there. We allow ourselves to receive. 

We use both our feminine and masculine energy.  We focus on our state of being rather than what we are doing - we cherish the periods of inaction, as much as the periods of action.

We focus on FUN, enjoyment and peace and amazingly what we truly desire has a way of simply showing up.

My mantra: Its got to flow, or it’s a no.

Let’s give it a try now!


This week on the Create a Life that is Beautiful journey you are going to get a taste of flow. Yay!


  • Concentrate on only taking action this week that seems either fun, inspiring or exciting.  If there are things you need to do and they aren't inspiring, ask yourself: How could I make this fun?  How could I make this inspiring?  How could I make this exciting?  Or, how could I make this feel like ease? Where you have choices, go with the option that inspires or excites you the most. 
  • Using what you have discovered about what you truly desire throughout this Create a Life that is Beautiful journey, concentrate on experiencing the presence of what you desire in your life now.  For example, if abundance is what you want - ask yourself where in my life can I see abundance already and focus on those things.  For instance, you might focus on:
    • your thriving garden
    • the money you have just received
    • money you have saved
    • the client(s) you have
    • the food you get eat
    • your home
      your relationships
    • the books you have that light up your soul
    • the lightness you feel inside
    • a gift you just received from a friend
    • the feeling of giving generously
    • anywhere there is abundance already in your life! 
  • Trust that the universe will provide all that you desire and go about your week focussing on experiencing fulfilment and fun. Remain open - perhaps the way you thought abundance should turn up into your life will manifest differently to how you had expected.  Remain open and receive. Watch the beauty that awaits you! 


At the beginning of 2017 I decided to make the commitment to living life in the flow, rather than continuing to effort my way through life.  This was after taking Jess Lively's Flow With Intention course which I recommend to anyone who will listen. Annnndddd the results I have experienced have been soooooo cool!  What I want has a way of simply landing in my lap. 

I spend my time making sure I am in alignment with the feelings I most desire.  I focus on the presence of those feelings already in my life, rather than the lack. I allow the universe to bring opportunities to me in whatever way, shape or form that support the feelings I most desire (instead of blocking them by demanding that they  only arise in a specific way).  

I try to take only inspired action.  This means when I am inspired to do something, I act on that inspiration.  And when there's no inspiration, I either leave it or focus on how I could make the task more fun, easeful or exciting. 

My other commitment has been to taking the path of least resistance.  If the path I want to take is not available to me or I am experiencing a lot of effort or struggle, I simply pivot to focus on what is available to me in the present moment.  I trust that the right opportunity for me will arise at the perfect moment.   

A very different approach to life - but way more sustainable, productive, peaceful, fulfilling and aligned with my truth.  This my friends is a beautiful way to live. And it sure is a whole lot more fun!!


Moving through life, focussing on what is flowing to you, rather than forcing your way through action is a much more balanced, peaceful, fulfilling and fun way to live.  What you want has a way of showing up in ways you never would have imagined.

Enjoy this week moving about your life in the flow and let me know what you think! This is a huge topic and one that I will no doubt be sharing more on in the future. 

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You are worthy and wonderful, with so much to contribute to the world! We all have unique skills, abilities and interests and I wholeheartedly believe that by embracing those, finding your platform and choosing love, joy and inspiration along the way you make the world a better place. :-)


Lots of love,