This article is for anyone wanting to create a life they love, enjoy and are inspired by.  A life that is truly beautiful!!


Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.Oprah Winfrey

If you had no fear, how would your life be different?

If you dared to dream, what vision… what life… would you create for yourself?


A fundamental piece to the Create a Life that is Beautiful journey, is creating a vision that includes all that you desire. Why? When we live intentionally, we realise the power we have to consciously create the life that we truly want. 

Key to this however, is that we focus on creating what we want, rather than focussing on what we want to avoid. This is because, what we focus on we create. So, focussing on the lack of something in your life or what you don't want to happen, chances are exactly what you don't want to happen, will.

This is where creating a vision for ourselves becomes really powerful.  Our vision details all that we truly desire. Allowing our brain to focus on the opportunities that will support what we truly want to create, rather than spotting instead the situations that we want to avoid. 

A vision also gives your dreams and desires a structure - so that they become tangible in your mind and so that you are not destined to simply repeating the past.  I can see it, so I start to believe it... and as we have discussed previously, our thoughts create our reality

Your vision then is the bridge between your thoughts and your reality.  A beautiful cycle of manifestation giving you the reigns to your life so that you are able to consciously create the life you want. 

And all this has everything to do with how our brain operates.  What we become aware of is what we have primed our brains to focus on.  


Creating a vision requires imagination.  In fact, the definition for vision (according to the Oxford Dictionaries) is: "the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom."

Without imagination, we would be limited by our past experience - how dull! It’s that little imagination component that will result in your growth and therefore, your fulfillment.

So creating a vision for yourself requires you to dare to dream. 

And without wisdom perhaps we would create a reality that we never wanted! 

“Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.”  - Roy T. Bennett

So where do we even start?!  

Let your inspiration and your WHY guide you! 

Let’s have a go now!

The old Buckingham Palace. 


This week on the Create a Life that is Beautiful journey we are making ourselves a vision board!

What is a vision board? A vision board is a place (a board!) for you to display images that represent the life you want to live, your desires and intentions.  This is an artistic and creative project to get your imagination running and a vision formed in your mind. 

Don't worry, you do not need to be or identify as a "creative" to do this! We are all inherently creative.

Set yourself aside 2 hours this week to create your vision board.  Have lots of fun with it, dream BIG and schedule this time either in one sitting or over the week. Remembering you can continue to add to your vision board at any time in the future.  In fact, you should be.  We are forever changing and evolving after all! 

This vision should, as always, concentrate on how you want to feel.  Keep it simple – include anything that inspires or motivates you.

Steps for creating your vision board:

1.     Think about the different areas of your life:

a.   Romance + Family

b.   Relationships

c.   Career

d.   How you want to spend your free time (travel? study? hike a mountain? live abroad? become a professional hip hop dancer?)

e.   Finances

f.   Home, possessions

g.  Your health + self care

What motivates or inspires you in each of these areas?

If you haven't already completed our weekly challenge for Action #8: Living in Alignment, I highly suggest doing this exercise first. You can access that article here

2.     Collect your images. What images, quotes or people represent your desires in each of these areas? You could use a Pinterest board to help get you started or go "old school" and get yourself some magazines to browse. 

Make sure for each image, quote or person that you select ask yourself why you want that.  If it doesn’t really motivate or inspire you, then do not include it.  This board is all about inspiration + motivation after all. 

3.     Once you have some images together which represent your desires, the next step is to print them out and stick them in whatever way speaks to you. Perhaps that will be on a piece of cardboard or paper or a board (or just keep them on your Pinterest board if you prefer to keep it virtual).  Here is your vision board! 

As I mentioned above, this project is a work in progress – as you realise something important for your vision – add it to your vision board and as soon as something no longer resonates or inspires or motivates you, remove it.


If you are not a visual person, you might prefer to write down a detailed description of your vision. If you choose this option, make sure you touch on all 5 senses. 

real life

Creating a vision for myself in 2016 (and daring to dream BIG), led me to creating and living a 2017 that I never thought possible. This year has honestly been the best year I have ever experienced.  I have hit goals and embodied intentions I really had only ever dreamed about and the immense joy, love and inspiration I experience on a day to day basis is really incredible. 

Using the now 17 actions that I have shared along the Create a Life that is Beautiful journey, is what led me to creating vision for myself.  

My vision grew bigger and bigger until I believed that I would be doing the world, not even just myself!, a disservice by not moving forward on it.  My vision became more than tangible, it also became my why. 

I imagined a world where we are all deeply & meaningfully connected, where we are all expressing our truth and contributing with our powers – I imagined a world where innovation is key, where we are constantly growing, evolving and elevating in consciousness.  Where there is no poverty, where this is more love, joy and inspiration than we could ever imagine.  A world of peace.  A world of love.  A world in which we all have a place at the table.  

And through this vision I saw the role that I needed to play to make this vision a reality.  This is the same vision that continues to motivate and inspire me today.  This is the vision that led me to giving up alcohol for 2017; to leaving the corporate world after 10 years in the legal industry; to starting my own health, wellness & lifestyle brand; launching this Create a Life that is Beautiful blog; and to turning something I did as a volunteer into a service that I now offer as a Life Coach.   

And it all started with a vision. 


I know how important it is to hold a vision for yourself and I also know first hand how incredibly, soul crushingly hard it can be to create one.  Well, start this week with your vision board!

I also know how overwhelming this time of year can be when everyone is gearing up for an amazing next year, 2018!

Last year, I listened to many of the world’s top mentors, teachers and studies and applied their tips for preparing for a New Year.  I was a New Year Resolution guinea pig!

This year I have decided to create a Workbook for you to help you get to the bottom of who you want to be and how to get there in 2018. 

I have designed this Workbook to complete over 31 days during December: 1 exercise each day to help you get clear, excited and empowered for 2018.

If you find yourself having no idea what your dreams, vision or purpose is – this Workbook will help you get the clarity you desire, together with an action plan for 2018. 

And even better my approach is not about effort, but about flow.  Flowing through 2018 in alignment with your truth, with your powers and interests. 

If you are interested in hearing more about this product, make sure you sign up for my weekly newsletter below.  The workbook will be available to purchase from Tuesday 28 November 2017!


The world needs your vision, lovely!  Creating a vision for yourself is key to creating the reality that you truly desire. Dare to dream! Dare to shine. Enjoy this week creating a vision board for yourself. 

And see what magick unfolds!

Come join us on the Create a Life that is Beautiful journey is! Every Sunday, I share an action that you can implement into your week ahead to help you create a life you love, enjoy and that leaves you inspired.  A life that is truly beautiful in YOUR eyes! 

You are worthy and wonderful, with so much to contribute to the world! We all have unique skills, abilities and interests and I wholeheartedly believe that by embracing those, finding your platform and choosing love, joy and inspiration along the way you make the world a better place. :-)

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As always, I care and I appreciate you.  


Lots of love,