CLB 011 : HOW a spiritual path can help you discover purpose & cope with life's challenges

Do you feel the call to understand more about who you are and why you are here?

In today's episode on the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, we are speaking to one of the closest people in my life - my mother, Joanne Robinson about how a spiritual path can help you with life's challenges, in getting to know yourself and of course in finding purpose.

"rule number 1 in life: we can only ever change ourselves."

Joanne’s fascination with spirituality and metaphysics began more than 30 years ago in a small town in Sydney, Australia.  At this time anything spiritual or “new age” (like meditation and yoga!) was spoken about in hushed tones.  But despite this, at only 20 years of age and as a young mother, Joanne followed her curiosity and call to know more about why she was here and there began her journey into spirituality, metaphysics and consciousness. 

Joanne is now writing a novel inspired by her interest in spirituality.  She gives us a beautiful account of some of the most important teachings she has learned along her journey and importantly, how a spiritual path might help you better understand who you are, your life, deal with life's challenges (including as a young mother) and discover purpose. 

“things come at us and they are designed to bring out own innate strength and power that we all have”

Joanne is also someone who has rarely drank alcohol throughout her life so she also shares with us her experience as a non-drinker in a country where drinking is very much socially acceptable behaviour. 

in this episode, find out about:

  • How Joanne’s spiritual journey unfolded as a young mother in Sydney, Australia 30 years ago

  • How meditation, yoga, visualisation, affirmations, prayer and understanding how our thoughts, feelings and the metaphysics of life can help you in overcoming difficulties throughout your life, empower you when you feel like you are a victim to your circumstances and understand more about yourself

  • The evolution of yoga

  • Being a mother and wanting to pass on all your amazing wisdom on to your children

  • How a spiritual practice can help you as a new mother

  • What its like for someone who has almost never drank alcohol

  • How a spiritual path can help you discover more about yourself and uncover purpose

.... AND so much more!

"to me I would never miss meditation it would be like missing a shower or something… its my spiritual cleansing for the day."

“each child has their own unique soul path that they need to follow… so you bless your children with your love and hope they come along their path in their own time”

“when we are awaken spiritually we can't shove our beliefs onto people because people grow and evolve at THEIR own rate and have to be ready for that in their own time”

“I wish i'd known when i Was younger that whatever came my way in life I would be able to get through it and when you are walking through YOUR own sort of, 'personal hell'... you will come out the other side and you will be okay and probably stronger for it."


show notes

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