We don't know what we don't know, ya' know? So how do we know that the way we are living today is the fullest, most expanded expression of our life? How do we even know that this is happiness?

Today's guest on the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, is Julia Fischer

Julia is a qualified Nutrition Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and soon to be personal trainer helping her clients to "ditch the diets" and find a healthier, happier & more sustainable approach to food, body image and wellness.  And she also just so happens to be one of the amazing friends I have made since moving to London!

“I am on a mission to teach my clients, okay you can have bad food (its not really bad, its just food) and you can enjoy it, you are allowed to enjoy it but do it mindfully and when you do it embrace it fully and don’t feel ashamed or guilty afterwards.”

Julia and I first met at a London meet up with Jess Lively. We instantly hit it off as we began discussing our respective journeys to discovering purpose and passion and I was touched by Julia’s obvious thirst, spark and love for nutrition and all things wellness, self improvement and health.

Since that beautiful meeting, we have continued to meet up regularly along with a number of other friends we have made through the Jess Lively community.  And so it is a special honour to have been able to share this space with her today to discuss her personal journey to doing the work she does in the world today.

“Life is supposed to be fun and anything you want to achieve and want it to be … I don’t want to live my life on other people’s terms.  When I die I want to know I lived the best life I could ever have lived.” 

Before moving to London and working in nutrition, Julia lived in Germany where she was working and trained as a florist.  Julia’s personal journey is a really interesting one that I think will resonate with many people in a different way to maybe some of the previous guests we have had on, because she really enjoyed floristry, she found it creatively inspiring and a wonderful way to express that creativity. 

However, as you will learn during our conversation her move into nutrition came into her life quite unexpectedly and her passion was ignited in a way that gave her a mission, a purpose and spark that she could never have expected.

“Even if you think your life is basically going to end and you don’t know what to do anymore, a lot of great things far from your imagination can come from this situation.”

Julia also very openly shares about her experience with suffering from and overcoming binge eating disorder and depression. 


  • How nutrition was one of the most unlikely fields Julia saw herself working in.

  • How a breakup with a long term partner caused Julia to go a journey of self development that catapulted her into the world of health & nutrition.

  • Change, trust and the continual unfolding and expansion of your journey

  • Life as an entrepreneur

  • Dealing with the people around us who are afraid when we chase our dreams

  • Binge eating disorder and emotional eating 

  • What buffering behaviours are stopping you from experiencing 

  • Social media and comparison and the importance of having people around you who believe in and also see your vision

  • Julia's advice for someone who has no idea what their special passion or purpose is.

“Be the example in society of not building someone else's dream, but building your dream.”

“You are never really stuck where you are.  You might not know where you will end up, but you will find your way.”

“So much can change just within a year, so make your plans but prepare them to be flexible.”

"I thought I was heart broken when my ex boyfriend left me but when I got to the root of my emotions that was even more heart breaking.”

“You will get through it and there is someone always there to even just listen, even if it’s just your journal who listens.”

“Sometimes the best feeling you get is after you have a good cry, an ugly cry.”

“The only way you will fail is if you never try.”



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“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon