What would your life be like without alcohol? What would dating be like without alcohol?! Why do I find myself getting attached so quickly in relationships?

Today's guest on the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, is Laurie McAllister - the author of the alcohol-free blog, Girl & Tonic.

Laurie is a writer, yoga teacher, marketing consultant and sober bar-tender based in the UK living life alcohol-free.  

I'm so excited to share this episode with you all because Laurie has been one of my favourite people to follow for alcohol-free inspiration.  She is super relatable, open about her emotions, real about the challenges and a wonderful person and writer to connect with.  Thank you Laurie so much for coming on! 

"While some people can drink 4 or 5 times a week and feel okay about IT, I was drinking 4 or 5 times a week and feeling pretty shit about it.”

Laurie started her blog when she made the decision in December 2016 to stop drinking alcohol (just a few weeks before I also stopped drinking!) and she has been blogging ever since about her journey.

Laurie says her original pull to go sober began when she had a sort of "quarter life crisis" and read an article on Mind Body Green about how giving up alcohol had changed someone's life (note: see how important sharing our journey is!!). 

“Hang on a minute I could not drink and my life wouldn’t be over”

Prior to then, like many of us, alcohol was well and truly tied up in Laurie's identity.  Until it wasn't. 

"i've worked hard to make a life that i don't need to escape from."

This episode is a great eye opener for everyone about the role alcohol plays in our society, and it's especially perfect for anyone who might like to understand why someone would give up drinking, how to give up drinking and also how to handle dating when you're sober or an "anxious attacher" (something both Laurie and myself can identify with). 


  • Laurie's journey to giving up alcohol, including what her life was like before she gave up alcohol, why she gave up and the benefits and challenges she has experienced living an alcohol-free lifestyle 
  • What authenticity means to Laurie, the importance of accepting the different facets of our personality, where we are currently at in our experience and even simply the contrast in our emotions 
  • The power of social media for accountability, authenticity and connection
  • The importance of space and self-care (especially the basics!)
  • Learning to self-parent, getting to know yourself and understanding and enforcing your boundaries 
  • The challenges and advantages of dating when you're sober
  • Different attachment styles in romantic relationships and how to deal with dating as an "anxious attacher"
  • The importance of showing up as ourselves when we are dating 
  • The advantages and disadvantages of working as an entrepreneur or for someone else - and the beauty of having the freedom to move between the two
  • Laurie's advice for finding purpose 


“We have a lot of messages that says alcohol is fine, getting drunk’s normal, life with booze is normal, it’s normal to be hungover, its normal to embarrass yourself when you’re drinking...

It took me a while to educate myself that there ws another way, that I didn’t need to drink to have fun with my friends, to date, have sex, to go to a wedding, to relax."

“Authenticity to me is being your whole self”

“For me Instagram has allowed me to be authentic and accountable” 

“Self care for me is taking my tablets on time, making myself a good meal and putting myself to bed on time.”

“What becomes really apparent when you get to a sober date is whether or not you like them.  Whether or not you can be yourself around them."

“You don’t have to quit your job to be happy”



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