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I’m hosting a 2 hour Online Workshop on cyclical living this september.

In this one-off workshop, I'll be teaching you how to approach your life through a cyclical, seasonal lens - using either the menstrual or moon cycle as your framework.

cyclical living

Both the menstrual cycle & moon cycle provide a wonderful framework for creating and manifesting the things we want to bring to life. Especially the BIG things!!

Both cycles shift us between different phases of creativity. From working with a more yin energy to working with a more yang energy.

When we learn how to work with this cyclical energy, we allow ourselves to create in the most sustainable, easeful and productive way possible!

We are guided through all stages of the creative cycle + we learn how to work with our energy, rather than against it. In cyclical terms, these stages are known as the 4 seasons of our cycle.

When we tap into each of these seasons, we harness our FULL creative power + potential. We unlock creative power we didn’t know we had access to, we learn how to manifest with ease and integrate both our masculine doing energy with our feminine being. Life gets easier.

a framework by womxn, for womxn

This system has been SO important to my journey of showing up as the empowered womxn & coach I am today. It’s so fundamental to all areas of my life, that I use my cycle to run my coaching practise, to manage my physical + mental health, to know what fuel I need in my body, to understand what boundaries I need in all my relationships and to understand my fluctuating body, creativity + energy.

Cyclical living will teach you about yourself. It will give you more confidence & energy, while also opening you up to greater levels of productivity, creativity, energy, confidence, life force & ease.

It’s time to come back to A system that truly allows us as womxn to thrive.


A workshop to teach you all you need to know about cyclical living

If you've been feeling called to dive into Cyclical Living then this Workshop is for you.

The information can be applied to ALL womxn, regardless of age and regardless of whether you are experiencing a menstrual cycle or not.

You’ll learn:

  • What cyclical living is and why it’s ah-mazing!

  • What the 4 seasons of the cycle are and what each season offers

  • How to work with each season using the menstrual cycle and/or the moon cycle as your guide

  • How to tap into your creative superpowers for each season

  • How to use this cyclical approach to manifest with ease

  • How to implement healthy boundaries for each season of your cycle

  • How to connect with each of the seasonal archetypes

  • My unique cyclical journallng practice that you can use every step of the way throughout your cycle

  • PLUS you’ll have time to ask me all your cyclical related questions

  • PLUS YOU GET: 4 x Recorded Guided Meditations to connect you to each of the 4 seasons!


✦ 2 hour Live Online Workshop taught via Zoom

✦ Lifetime access and unlimited replays

✦ When: 11am AEST 27 September 2019 (6pm CT/8pm PT on Thursday 26 September 2019)*

*For those who can’t attend live, you will also have the opportunity to send in your questions in advance and have them answered on the call


Leticia Ringe is an award winning Life & Holistic Business Coach and Menstrual Magic Specialist. After discovering she had endometriosis in 2015, Leticia was led on a healing journey that involved working with the 4 seasons of her cycle and she has been a devoted student ever since!

This knowledge led Leticia to making big life changes including changing careers (from lawyer to life coach) and ultimately creating a life and business that would allow her to honour her cyclical energy.

Today she teaches womxn how to use the wisdom of their cycle to create a life & businesses that allows each womxn to make their difference and thrive!

Are you ready to tap into your menstrual magic too?