menstrual magic workshop

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ready to tap into your menstrual magic?!

I’m hosting a LIVE 2 hour Online Workshop to give you all the information you need to start working with your menstrual magic!!

The menstrual cycle provides a wonderful framework for creating and manifesting the things we want to bring to life. Especially the BIG things!!

It’s designed to allow a womxn bring to term a pretty big creation after all - LIFE!

But what if this system, could also be used to CREATE ANYTHING?!


The menstrual cycle shifts a womxn through 4 inner seasons which each have their own distinct creative power and over the course of just one cycle guide a womxn through all 4 stages of the creative cycle!

When we tap into each of these seasons, we harness our FULL creative power + potential. We create & manifest the things we want with more ease and we also align with the energy of the Moon! It’s also the best system to balance your masculine + feminine energy!!!!

Working with the menstrual cycle is the number 1 system I use in my life & business. It’s endlessly fascinating + produces incredible productivity, creativity & results!!!

This system has been SO important to my journey of showing up as the empowered womxn & coach I am today and I believe EVERY SINGLE womxn needs to know about this system. It’s the ultimate act of self love after decades, centuries of menstrual cycle suppression.

So I am on a mission to do just that!! Share this incredible cyclical wisdom and way of living with every womxn I can!

And even better - we can ALL tap into this cyclical power & way of living regardless of whether we ourselves are experiencing a menstrual cycle!

YOUR menstrual magic

Your inner cyclical wisdom (your menstrual magic!) provides the perfect, powerful & most natural system of all for your manifestations. It’s time to uncover and work with your cyclical wisdom no matter where you are on your life journey.

We've hearing more than ever before about our minds ability to create what we want - MANIFEST. What we aren't learning is that our BODIES in and of themselves are naturally designed for powerful, easeful & magical manifestation too! #unicorn

You don't need to hustle, strive or even try at this. All you need to do is say YES! to allowing your body, your energy & your cycle to lead the way... (again, no matter where you are on your life journey!!)

The information you will learn in this workshop will be incredibly empowering - after a lifetime of suppression & period shaming (including if you are a post menopausal womxn!), cyclical living is a way to reconnect with your feminine power + essence. And it’s my belief that this is what the world needs right now!! Womxn reconnecting to their feminine essence.


I want to take you on a journey to reconnect with your menstrual magic. The information you learn in this Workshop can be applied regardless of whether you are experiencing a menstrual cycle or not.

You’ll learn:

  • What the 4 seasons of the menstrual & creative cycle are

  • How you can tap into the 4 seasons if you’re not experiencing a menstrual cycle

  • How to work with your menstrual magic to create in the most easeful way possible 

  • How to harness the creative power of each season of your cycle

You’ll walk away armed with the knowledge & tools you need to start working with your menstrual magic & creating in your life with your full creative power & potential behind you!!

You’ll finally have permission to show up in the world using a structure that allows you to thrive.

Plus if you’ve soaked up my Menstrual Magic Journal & are looking to dive in deeper - this is the perfect next step for you!


✦ 2 hour Live Online Workshop taught via Zoom (Leticia will deliver a 1 hour training, followed by up to 1 hour of live Q+A and coaching to answer all your menstrual magic questions!)

✦ Lifetime access and unlimited replays (so don’t panic if you can’t attend the live time!)

✦ When: 11am AEST 20 September 2019 (6pm CT/8pm PT on 19 September 2019)*

✦ PLUS YOU GET: 4 x Guided Meditations to connect you to each of the 4 inner seasons!

*For those who can’t attend live, you will also have the opportunity to send in your questions in advance and have them answered on the call


Leticia Ringe is an award winning Life & Holistic Business Coach and Menstrual Magic Specialist. Devoted to supporting her community create a life and business that allows them to make their difference and thrive, she teaches her community how to reconnect with their bodies, creative power & feminine essence through tapping into their cyclical wisdom.

After Leticia discovered she had endometriosis in 2015, she was led on healing journey that involved working with the inner seasons of her cycle and she has been a devoted student ever since.

Today she teaches other womxn how to tap into their menstrual magic to create in the most powerful, easeful & sustainable way possible that truly allows them to thrive.

Are you ready to tap into your menstrual magic too?!