Mindset Makover

it’s time to transform your mindset.

Hey beautiful!

I know you’re ready to:

Experience more happiness, health & fulfilment than you ever thought possible!

Show up with ease + grace for the REALITY your soul is calling you to create

★ Feel more peaceful, present and abundant in your every day

★ Improve your relationships, mental health, quality of life, work, business, body image, physical health + connection with yourself.

★ Transmute + transcend those pesky feelings of resistance, fear + self-sabotage as they arise.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel.


۵ Whenever those pesky feelings of resistance, fear or self-sabotage occur (through worry, doubt, confusion, overwhelm, perfectionism etc etc) you find yourself unable to move forward.

۵ You continually find yourself feeling scared about your lack of time, resources, money & things you can’t control.

۵ You’ve learned a lot already about the importance of mindset for your fulfilment, relationships, work + business success, but you still feel stuck knowing how to implement these tools.

۵ You worry that you’re simply trapped by “personality traits” or subconscious patterns you’ve inherited - you’re concerned that this is just your lot in life and you don’t know how to transcend these because they keep getting in your way!

۵ Every time you feel like you get some traction you find yourself stepping in your own way… again!

you’re sick of playing small!


understanding how your mind works + the relationship between your mind + your reality is so important. it’s your foundation.

Teaching my clients how to navigate, manage, up-level and transform their mind is the basis for EVERYTHING I do as a coach.

Learning these mindset tools is what empowered me in my own life to:

  • Move to the other side of the world

  • Change careers from my cushy job as a lawyer to running my own business as a life coach

  • Become a successful, award winning entrepreneur & coach

  • Improve every single area of my life (including my physical & mental health, happiness, wellness, relationships, work, creativity, fulfilment, abundance), including the way I feel on a day to day basis

  • Overcome fear every single time I step outside of my comfort zone (which, let’s be honest is pretty much every day!!)

  • Feel more connected to myself + align with my purpose

  • Be the happiest, most joyful person I know!

Before I had these tools I would be lost in confusion, doubt, overwhelm, fear of failure, procrastination, anxiety, boredom, depression, worry + self sabotage on the reg! I felt like life was happening to me and I was a servant to my mind, rather than using my mind to support me….

Not anymore! say it with me!

And now I want to share with you the tools I have learned, developed & refined in my own life + work as a coach, so that you can have the tools to coach yourself too.


Photo by Hayley Richardson.

Photo by Hayley Richardson.

join me for a 2 week deep dive to understand, up-level & transform your mind!

Over 2 weeks, I’m taking you through EVERYTHING you need to understand, up-level and transform your mind.


Walk away from this program knowing how to coach yourself through procrastination, resistance, self sabotage, fear, worry, confusion, doubt, overwhelm + the list goes on!

Shift your thinking from SCARCITY to ABUNDANCE (from victim to empowered) to create the reality you desire and start feeling better today!!

Learn both the “rhino” and “unicorn” approach to managing your mindset so that you can show up with ease, confidence & grace for all the wonderful opportunities your soul is calling you to experience. 

Feel more peaceful, purposeful and present in your every day and vastly more connected to your true Self!

Be equipped with simple tools that you can use right away to up-level your mindset in every area of your life, including for my fellow coaches - supporting your own clients too!




8 trainings taught over 2 weeks

Covering everything you need to understand, transform + up-level your mindset across all areas in your life:

Business | Work | Health | Relationships | Money | Self-Love

Worksheets for each training

So you can easily implement the training and dive back in whenever you need!

2 x LIVE coaching calls

With Leticia so that you can immediately workshop these trainings and apply them to your current circumstances (and learn from other people’s experiences too)!!

By the end of this program, you will understand how your mind works & have all the tools to up-level & transform your mindset!!!

Value based on doing this 1-1 with me: $2,000 (minimum!)


  • A Downloadable, Interactive Mindset Plan that you can use to easily up-level your mindset in any area of your life. All you need to do is complete and you are on your way to mindset expansion! Value $100

  • Bonus Mindset Training for Business Owners specifically tailored for all my coaches, healers & creatives Value $100

  • Meditation Training to give you simple tools so that you can start developing your own meditation practice and cultivating more peace, presence and awareness every day. Value $100

  • Guided Meditations to connect you to your heart, cultivate presence + deal with times of stress, resistance and fear Valued at $50

  • Lifetime access to all of the materials so you can dive back in whenever you need Valued at $200


week 1 - tools for understanding your mind

MODULE 1: The Relationship Between Your Mind and Your Reality

MODULE 2: Distinguishing between Intuition + Ego

MODULE 3: Navigating Resistance, Fear & Self Sabotage

MODULE 4: Understanding + Overcoming Subconscious Blocks

week 2 - up-leveling + transforming your mindset

MODULE 5: The Rhino Approach - Intentional thinking

MODULE 6: Spring Cleaning Your Mind

MODULE 7: The Unicorn Approach - Abundant Thinking

MODULE 8: Creating Your Mindset Plan

By the end of this 2 week deep dive you will have all the tools to coach yourself through your mindset transformation!


the program runs from 15 July - 26 july

your investment: $299 or 3 x monthly payments of $111

Photo by Ella Ryder.

Photo by Ella Ryder.

are you ready to:

  • Up-level your physical + mental health, happiness & fulfilment

  • Improve your relationships, working environment, home life, business, abundance + alignment

  • Feel more peaceful, purposeful, confident + present every day

  • Be the most joyful + inspired person you know!

  • Drastically minimise your emotional “lows”

  • Attract & receive all of the incredible opportunities life is throwing your way

  • Transcend those pesky feelings of resistance, fear + self-sabotage

  • Overcome subconscious blocks and self-limiting behaviours

  • Create the business + work with the clients you dream of

  • Allow yourself to live the life your soul is calling you to lead!!!

become the mistress of your mind, beautiful!


  • How do I know this program is for me? If you’re ready to understand, up-level and transform your mindset so that you are taking responsibility for your life and the way you feel, this program is made for you!

  • How does the program work? The program will begin on Monday 15 July when you will receive your first video training. You’ll receive 4 trainings in Week 1 and 4 trainings in Week 2 (Mon-Thurs).

  • What sort of coaching do you do? I’m an Award Winning Life + Business Coach with a background in intuition, mindset, masculine + feminine energy, purpose, creativity, confidence, self-love, the menstrual + moon cycle and conscious business.

  • How will the coaching calls happen? There will be 2 group coaching calls via Zoom. You can attend from anywhere in the world and will have your questions answered in the “hot-seat” on video with me or if you can’t attend the call live, you can send in your questions in advance to have them answered. The coaching calls will be held on Friday 19 and 26 July. 

  • What if I can’t attend the calls live? No problems, all calls are recorded so you can submit your questions in advance + I’ll answer them on the call!

  • How long will the group coaching call last? Until all your questions are answered!

  • What is your refund policy? All sales are final. This program is for people ready to take responsibility for their mindset.

    No problems beautiful! Send me an email at