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learn how to create a magnetic money mindset in your heart centred business

Hey lady!

I know what it’s like to struggle with wanting to create the abundance and wealth you desire in your heart-centred business. You might even find yourself deliberately sabotaging your efforts! (been there!)

You’re feeling confused as to why you keep doing this and now you just want to know how to make it happen… that is, make money in your heart centred business and hit your financial goals once and for all.

(and all in a way that feels aligning, fun and good to you!). Is that too much to ask?

Let me share with you the most powerful techniques I have learned through my own business journey and work as a life + business coach.

Not only that, I’ll be drawing on my 10 years experience in the corporate world where I assisted some of the world’s wealthiest people and got to understand from them how to create a successful, thriving business.

It’s through this experience that I have been able to create a practical (I am a former lawyer after all!) and magical approach to creating abundance.

I’ve been working consciously with manifestation for more than 7 years and in that time I have learned a lot about the power of our minds and emotional state for creating abundance. I’m also a trained theta healer with a huge interest in the subconscious mind.

I use a combination of intuition coaching, inspired action, strategic recommendations and subconscious reprogramming to activate my client’s in creating the success, abundance and impact they desire.

My passion is supporting as many women as possible to create a successful heart-centred business that energises, excites & empowers you as a woman to THRIVE and make the difference in the world you desire.

In order to do this we must understand how to generate wealth and what we are doing to subconsciously and consciously block abundance.


Join me for a powerful special online workshop to teach you everything you need to know to increase your money magnetism in your heart-centred business.

You’ll learn:

》A simple process to control-alt-delete your blocks around money and abundance - say good-bye to those nasty limiting beliefs!

》 5 practical steps you need to take in your business right away to create the financial success you desire

》My top 3 manifestation practices to increase your money magnetism 

》3 powerful tools to create a wealth mindset so that you can create the financial success you crave.

PLUS YOU’LL ALSO GET these bonuses!

》A BONUS guided meditation for re-programming your subconscious 

》A journaling practice to get to the root of your financial blocks

》A journaling practice to align with the financial success and abundance you are calling in

》Financial goal template for your business to help you create a financial action plan


✦ 90 minute online workshop taught live (including time to receive live coaching support from me and to ask your questions)

✦ For those who can’t attend live, opportunity to send in your q’s in advance

✦ Lifetime access and unlimited replays

✦ When: April 2019